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Mantra to cure sexually transmitted diseases

This is a mantra which is said to cure sexually transmitted diseases. This mantra is also said to cure other diseases like piles, lack of vitality and those diseases relating to the anus and the reproductive organs.

Omkar Ganesh Yantra

Ganesha is worshipped by a lot of spiritually inclined persons; seeking spiritual advancement as the Omkar Swarupa. The procedure of worship is most simple. The Yantra given below is drawn on a white piece of paper with either Sindoor [red vermillion], Red Sandalwood. or even red colored ink. This Ganesh Omkar Yantra is worshipped daily.

Yantra for eye defects

This is a Yantra which is said to remove eye defects. The Yantra has a frequency which vibrates to the number 34. This Yantra has to be written with Kesar [Saffron] water by a sharp pointed stick on a Bhojpatra and worn on your body as a locket.

Yantra to remove fear of snakes

This Yantra is one of the unique combinations of word frequencies which is said to remove the fear of snakes from entering ones home. Ancient Indians had discovered remedies for almost all the problems which they encountered; this is one such remedy. This Yantra which is said to remove the fear of snakes has to be drawn and kept inside the home by lady of the house.

Powerful Ganesh Guru Yantra

This is the powerful Ganesh Guru Yantra. In the traditional Indian religious sciences the planet Guru or Jupiter; also known as Brihaspathi; symbolizes the Guru or the imparter of knowledge. On the spiritual plane Ganesha symbolizes the highest attributes of Guru. Ganesha is the imparter of the highest form of knowledge; the ultimate teacher.

Religious conservatives inherited virus DNA

Shouldn't it be asked what may have induced some religious conservatives to kill others? Wasn't killing supposed to be one of the 10 top sins, (even if at the same time you are also blasting yourself apart)? But that didn't seem to bother them in the slightest. They felt that blasting others apart, even babies, children & their moms, would be an effective good way to deliver a key strong message, which others would then have to seriously give heed to. Or it would show important hateful revenge against others too openly daring to not agree well with them.

Yantra for marriage

Marriage is one of the major worries for most people; mostly in the Indian sub-continent. I have been over the past few years regularly giving various marriage Mantras and remedies to help people who are finding it difficult to get married. These remedies are of course for those who have belief in the paranormal Indian sciences. In this post is a unique; but very simple Yantra which is said to remove the obstacles which are blocking a marriage.

Shiva Mantra to remove poison

This is a very potent Shiva Mantra to remove poison from the body. The Mantra is dedicated to Shiva as Neelkantha. Neelkantha translated into English means the one with the blue throat. Shiva is known as Neelkantha because his throat turned into a dark blue color when he drank the poison emerging from the Samudra Manthan. Shiva swallowed the poison and destroyed it while it was in his throat.

How to detect adulterated tea, coffee and sugar

Most Indians trapped in the quicksand of corruption and mis- governance to do not give a second thought to the unprecedented adulteration of food taking place. There are no reliable estimates of the number of deaths caused directly due to food adulteration in India .; this is simply because most of these cases go undetected. The number of such deaths is bound to be mind boggling and shocking if known.

Mantra for Malefic Planets

This is a detailed Mantra for the pacification of malefic planets .There are a total of 15 smaller Mantras contained in this Mantra; including the unique ones for the 9 primary planets according to Indian astrology.

Mantras for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not discovered in ancient times. Thus there were thus no specific astrological Mantras attributed to these three outer planets;and in some quarters oa astrology they still haven’t been attributed with unique Mantras.

14 letters Mantra of Vishnu

This is the Chaturdashar or the 14 letters Mantra of Vishnu. This is one of the most popular of the Vishnu Mantras. The Mantra is dedicated to both Vishnu and to Laxmi; as the consort of Vishnu. The chanter of this Mantra invokes Vishnu ; the Protector along with Laxmi the Goddess of wealth and abundance.

Mantra to remove poverty

This is the unique Mantra to remove poverty. This Mantra is dedicated to Shabari Devi; from whom the Shabari Vidya is said to originate. This Mantra is suitable to those who for no particular reason find it hard to earn a neat sum of money. Such people are always short of money and are at odds on how to make ends meet.

Mantra to avoid untimely and unexpected death

This is said to a very effective and powerful Mantra to avoid unexpected and untimely death; untimely death can be due to the occurrence of sudden and unexpected events which lead to a chain reaction; culminating in cutting short ones life. This Mantra also deflects negative energies coming your way and protects you from unexpected and sudden harm.

Shri Narasimha Pooja Mantra

This is the full step by step Pooja Mantra of Shri Narasimha. The pooja of. Shri Narasimha is performed as seen from this Mantra; in six parts. There are six Mantras given one for each stage of the pooja; each Mantra is to be chanted for each of the stages.

Santan Laxmi Mantra

This is the Santan Laxmi Mantra . Santan translated from Hindi into English means progeny or offspring. This Mantra is dedicated to the laxmi who grants progeny or the Laxmi who takes birth as ones progeny. This is one of the rarer Laxmi Mantras. The Mantra can be chanted by those seeking what I have indicated above.

Shabari Laxmi Mantra

This is a Shabari Laxmi Mantra. The Mantra is the form of an invocation to Shabari Devi; the Goddess behind the popular Indian science of Shabari Vidya. The meaning of this Mantra is – Oh! Shabari Devi, please bless me so that Laxmi always resides in my home.

DNA R&D and future lives spanning centuries

Viruses may leave behind in infected cells fragments of the virus chromosomes. Such fragments make up 3-8% of our chromosomes, up to 1/12 of our DNA, alien DNA uselessly inherited from ancient ancestors. Can they be cleaned out? Conversely, could we now also use special designed viruses to deliberately leave behind in our cell nuclii some new helpful genes or DNA sections to better control activated genes, also to better control when and in which organ places different genes become de/activated? Why not?

The wheels of change in India are moving

A sad thing I have noticing over and over again is that most Indian are becoming increasingly frustrated and demoralized over the current situation. It is difficult to blame these people; they are living under the vice like grip of corruption and the total criminalization of the system of governance.

Mantra for muscular pain, chest pain, knee pain and arthritis

This is a most effective and powerful Shaabri Mantra for muscular pain, chest pain , knee pain and arthritis. The language of this Mantra might sound strange because it is neither Sanskrit nor Hindi. The language of this Mantra is what was the spoken language of the common population of India during the middle ages. This Mantra is somewhat lengthy.

Ganesh Mantra for early marriage

This Ganesh Mantra for early marriage is somewhat similar to the Ganesh Mantra for marriage which has been given earlier. Those wishing to get married quickly to a nice and compatible life partner are advised to chant this Mantra along with the daily worship of Ganesha.

Yantra for job interview

If you are going for some important or auspicious work like a job interview and harbor doubts in your mind about success then there is an Indian Paranormal Remedy which you can try. This is a Yantra; a geometrical configuration of the combined frequencies of certain words which is said to be beneficial to those who are going for any crucial interview; including a job interview.

Kalki Avatar will arrive silently

Indian prophecy regarding the end time or Armageddon is more often than not linked to the arrival of Vishnu’s 10th and final Avatar. This is justified because the most creditable prophecies ever; those in the Puranas and the Bhagawad-Gita prophecy clearly indicates this event which in turn is linked to the highest point of the Kaliyuga. There are numerous other prophecies from the Bible as well as those by Nostradamus which I have linked to the arrival of Kalki Avatar . The second coming of Jesus Christ as described in earlier posts is nothing but the ultimate manifestation of Kalki Avatar. I have been attempting to piece together all these prophecies to arrive at some logical conclusion.

The Indian way of life

The Old Testament of the Bible has predicted the there are going to be seven major events or signs which are going to occur at almost the same time as humanity approached Armageddon. Most people; even the Biblical scholars have failed to take notice that these events have already taken place or are in the process of being fulfilled.

Mantra to remove fear, phobia and anxiety

This is a rare mantra to remove fear , phobia and anxiety. Even the most mentally stable persons have some hidden fears and phobia; deeply rooted in the deepest corners of the sub- conscious mind. Most common amongst such fears are the fear of dying or the death of beloved one. There is also the persistent fear that something bad is going to happen to them or their loved ones.

Shakti Mantra of Saptashrungi Mata

This is a most effective and powerful Shakti Mantra of the Goddess Saptashrungi Mata. The sincere worshippers of Saptashrungi Mata; the Adi Shakti have nothing to fear as the Goddess looks after their every need. I have already given details in one of the previous posts on - Saptashrung Mata .

Mantras to purify the 3 Nadis

Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the 3 Nadis or carriers of the Prana or the Life Energy in the human body. These 3 Nadis are crucial to awakening of the Kundalini Shakti which lies dormant in the Muladhara Chakra in the area in-between the anus and the reproductive organs.

Maha Tripura Sundari Mantra

Maha Tripura Sundari is the Universal manifestation of the Mother Goddess Parvati. She is commonly interpreted as the beautiful Queen of the three cities; or the three Lokas- the Dev, Prithvi and Patal.

Laxmi Mantras and Prayers

This is a detailed compilation of the various Mantras, Yantras and Prayers like Stotras, Prarthanas, Aartis and Chalisas which have been published on this site about the Indian Goddess of wealth Laxmi during the course of the past 3 years. Laxmi or Mahalaxmi is arguably one of the most worshiped of the Indian deities. The worship of Laxmi in various forms is widely practiced in India; especially during the festive season of Diwali.

Ganesh Mantra to remove delusion

Moha means an extremely deep rooted attachment or longing for material objects, living beings; including dead ones. Moha more often than not leads towards delusion. Moha is also the greed which leads to sins and crime.

Vishnu Gayatri Mantra

This is the Gayatri Mantra of Vishnu; the Gayatri Mantras are amongst the most effective of the Indian Mantras have since ancient times been practiced to enlighten and illuminate the mind. Meaning I know the one who has the three worlds under his spell, Let me remember and meditate on him; Vishnu so that he may enlighten my mind.

Ganesh Mantra to meditate on beauty

This is a Ganesh Mantra to meditate on beauty; inner as well as external beauty. The meaning of this Ganesh Mantra is – I salute Ganesha; all whose forms are the ultimate embodiment of beauty.

Microrobots - The future of health

We want better health. Many folks exercise more than once weekly. Many get annual medical exams by a doctor, including blood tests, etc. Many take some vitamin pills daily. Many have been getting a weakened flu variety maybe yearly which activates their resistance against other worse current flu varieties. The same can be done against some other infectious diseases. Expect more of this in the future. More modified special germs or viruses should get produced to help us resist some other diseases.

Ganesh Mantra to fulfill hopes and aspirations

There is absolutely no shortage of unique Indian Mantras; especially Ganesh Mantras . Take a look at this short but beautiful Mantra . The meaning of this Mantra is – I bow before the Ganesha who fulfils the hopes and aspirations of his disciples.

Powerful Shakti Mantra for the Muladhara Chakra

Tripura Bhairavi represents the terrifying feminine aspect of Kal or time; the Mother Goddess also symbolizes Kal or time. This is the fearsome manifestation of the Universal Mother Goddess Durga Mata; which manifests on a physical level; rather than the stubble level. On the spiritual level Indian scholars have linked this terrifying aspect to the dormant gross energy or the KUNDALINI Shakti present in the human body. This gross dormant energy is centered in a radius of about 2 inches in between the anus and the penis. The location of this dormant energy or the energy center is in yogic terms known as the Muladhara Chakra.

Durga Mata Mantra to remove fear

This is the Durga Mata mantra to remove fear. This Shakti Mantra is a meditation upon Durga Mata as the one who protects from harm. This Durga Mata Mantra is to be recited when you fear some harm coming your way; whether from enemies or some unknown source. This is one of the Mul Mantras of Durga Mata. These Mantras are normally recited during Navratri, however they can be commenced any day.

Mahishasura Mardini Mantra

Mahishmardini or Mahishasura Mardini is another name for the Mother Goddess Durga Mata ; arguable one of the most worshipped of the Indian deities. The Goddess destroyed the invincible Demon King Mahishasura and hence is known by this name.

Ganesh Mantra to emerge victorious

I salute Ganesha; the one who makes you victorious in war- this is the meaning of the Ganesh Mantra given below. As the meaning suggests the one who is meditating upon this Mantra is invoking the one and only infinite being Ganesha as the one who ensures success in war.

Ganesh Mantra for Meditation

I bow before Ganesha; the only truth in this Universe. What profound and beautiful words; this is the meaning of the Ganesh Mantra which I have given below. For the spiritualist, the infinite form of Ganesha as the Ever-Existent is the one and only truth in this Universe. This is a short but very deep Mantra which can be used as a form of meditation by the seekers of the truth.

Bad Karma of the London Olympics Games 2012

The London Olympics Games are scheduled to commence on 27 July 2012. The Olympics are without doubt the greatest spectacle on earth which repeats every four years. The London Olympics of 2012 promise to be no exception; yet are different from the other Olympics of the past except the Berlin Olympics of 1936.

Mantra for breast problems in women

This is a unique mantra for breast related problems in women. Various kinds for problems relating to the breasts are faced not only by women; but young girls also. These include lumps in the breasts and sagging breasts, varying breast sizes , pain and so on.

Mantra to ward off evil dreams

This is a Mantra which is dedicated to Narasimha; the half man half lion; the fourth Avatar of Vishnu. This Mantra is recited to ward off evil and inauspicious dreams . The Narasimha Avatar is a fearsome manifestation of Vishnu and considered in Indian scriptures as being most powerful in destroying evil energies.

Mantra for delayed marriage

This is Mantra which removes obstacles or problems which are delaying or preventing a man or woman from getting married. This Mantra which is suitable for those whose Marriage has been delayed. This is more true in India; where there is a marriageable age; some sort of benchmark followed by most communities.

Ganesh Mantra to remove obstacles

More often than not the solution for obstacles is simpler than you think. For the Satvik [pure] people this is a simple Ganesh Mantra to remove obstacles. The meaning of this Mantra is even simpler – I bow to the Ganesha; whose rule extends over all obstacles.

Ganesh Mantra for marriage

This is the Ganesh Mantra which has been prescribed to those wishing to get married. The Mantra is suitable to those who want to get married at the right age or those whose marriages are delayed due to a variety of reasons. However it has to be noted here that the daily worship of Shri Ganesha with devotion and sincerity has also been prescribed with the chanting of this Mantra .

Short version of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

This is the third type of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra which I am giving. This Mantra comprises of just 4 letters. This is the short version of the most powerful of the Shiva Mantras. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra as mentioned in earlier articles wards of untimely demise.

The Robots of the Aliens

If travel to another star is accomplished, such as by aliens coming here by safely shifting a 3D balloon world to here not too fast, what's the difference for ageless advanced passengers inside vs. simply having stayed inside merely orbiting their sun for many millenia? Why should they care much about what little might possibly be happening outside in frigid cold dark space or passing by their world? The 3D balloon world will keep all happily living well together, likely often sharing in multiple social and other pleasures, no matter where it may be getting shifted to in our galaxy over maybe several centuries.

Yantra to ward off Dangers

This is a Yantra which is said to ward of dangers coming your way. The procedure for the preparation of this Yantra is most simple. Take a clean piece of white paper and write down the letters given below on that paper with red ink just as shown in the image I have given below.

Ganesh Mantra to dispel worries

This is the Ganesh Mantra to dispel worries. Chintamani is also another name of Ganesha.The meaning of this Mantra is – I bow to the one who dispel worries. The Mantra has to be recited for one Mala or 108 times daily in the morning.

Ganesh Mantra to progress in Science

This is a Ganesh Mantra which I like very much. But I want you to first have a look at the meaning of this Ganesh Mantra. Meaning – I bow before the Ganesha who is Science and the Ultimate Knowledge. The one chanting this Mantra is worshiping the source; which is Ganesha.

Ganesh Mantra for Knowledge

The meaning of this Ganesh Mantra is – I bow to Ganesha who is the lord of knowledge. A simple and easy to chant Mantra. This is the Mantra which is said to be most effective to those aspiring Satvik [pure] Knowledge.

Ganesh Mantra for Wealth

This is one of the Ganesha Mantras which is recited by those who want to worship Ganesh to gain wealth. The meaning of this Mantra is – I bow before the God Gajanana who grants wealth and riches. This Mantra is recited 108 times in the morning; this procedure is best commenced from any Tuesday.

Varaha Vishnu Mantra

This is the 33 letter Mantra of Vishnu. It is also known as the Varaha Vishnu Mantra. This Mantra of Vishnu is dedicated to the third Avatar of Vishnu; the Varaha Avatar. Vishnu the protector of the world manifested as the Varaha [Boar] to protect the world from the clutches of the King of the Evil forces on Earth Hiranyaksha. Vishnu destroyed Hiranyaksha and the world was saved.

Laxmi mantra for abundance

This is the Laxmi Mantra for abundance. This Mantra is recited with a Satvik [pure] heart to seek the blessings of Laxmi ; the Goddess of abundance to look after your basic wants in life and to never experience the shortage of the necessities needed for survival.

18 letters Mantra of Vishnu

This is the Ashta Dash Akshar Mantra or a Mantra comprising of 18 letters dedicated to the Protector of the Universe Vishnu. The meaning of this Mantra is “I salute the greatest of Gods; the most powerful Vishnu” This Mantra is for the Satvik [pure] worshipers of Vishnu who seek nothing; but his blessings and guidance.

Mahalaxmi Mantra to fulfill desires

This is the Maha Lakshmi Mantra to fulfill desires. The Jap Sankhya or the total number of recitations to make this powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra give the desired results is said as per the scriptures to be 23 hundred thousand. The number might sound huge, but I am giving exactly what the ancient Indian texts prescribe.

Ashtakshara Mritsanjeevani Mantra

This is the third variation of one of the most powerful of the Indian Mantras; the Mritasanjeevani Mantra. This one is also like the other two versions I had given earlier a very potent, effective and powerful Mantra.

Powerful and effective Shakti Mantra

This is a most powerful and effective Shakti Mantra. Shakti Worship is widely practiced in India; the Shakti worshippers worship the feminine form of the Supreme Being. The Mantra below is recited to please the Goddess Gauri. Gauri is another for of the Mother Goddess Parvati.

Mantra for Breathlessness

This is a mantra for breathlessness. Breathlessness can be due a variety of reasons ranging from cold to sinusitis. The Mantra given below is said to give relief from breathlessness due to cold and sinusitis. This is a part of our efforts to give more and more Health Mantras to those who need them desperately.

Mantra for stage fright

There are a lot of unfortunate people who suffer from stage fright. These unfortunate persons due to some physiological reason become tongue tied when asked to speak something in front of a few persons; let alone a crowd. In such situations they turn blank and are not able to express anything. They start sweating and shivering; and feel like hiding somewhere. This leads to an unnecessary inferiority complex.

Nostradamus prediction of Submarine attack on USA

I have been trying to piece together various Quatrains of Nostradamus to arrive at a likely trigger to the great and much expected world war 3. The interpretations given on this site are unbiased; and given from a neutral point of view. Naval war and destruction at sea and through the seas is very much expected if one has a look at the numerous Quatrains which this site has interpreted as indicating the violent actions which occur before and after World War 3 ; described in the section on Nostradamus World War 3 .

Can the mind be controlled by the self?

“The mind is restless, turbulent, adamant and powerful; to attempt to control it is more difficult than trying to control the wind”. Thus speaks Verse 6 – 34 of India’s most sacred religious text the Bhagavad-Gita .

What will cause Judgment Day in India

Come May 2012 and again one will see frenzy as a lot of people await the great earthquake “the big one” predicted amongst others by Nostradamus. It has also been predicted that India will experience a huge earthquake in April or May this year.

A true prayer to God

What is true prayer? How do I pray to God? What am I praying Go? How can I connect to God? These and a whole lot of such questions are really relevant ones; not to be scoffed at.