The wheels of change in India are moving

A sad thing I have noticing over and over again is that most Indian are becoming increasingly frustrated and demoralized over the current situation. It is difficult to blame these people; they are living under the vice like grip of corruption and the total criminalization of the system of governance.

Many readers, sincere to see a better life and a cleaner environment write to me asking when this will finally end? When will the Kalki Avatar finally arrive? When will there be a revolution for the better? When will all these prophecies be fulfilled? What is way out of this quicksand which we are rapidly sinking into?

I would like to mention that wheels of change in India are moving, if one hasn’t noticed them its only because when big changes are predestined, things move slowly at first and then the momentum gathers pace and finally it’s crescendo.

Let’s speak of the immediate past; there were two agents of change Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Sad to say this though both of them; different, yet striving for the same end; not succeeded. I could certainly say that they haven’t failed; they have succeeded in the attempt to start something which was dormant since India gained revolution; the idea of a second revolution.

Neither Anna Hazare nor Baba Ramdev have failed nor have the Indian public. It’s only that the public has little hopes of a non violent and peaceful revolution succeeding. This is evident from the fact that the Mumbai agitation of Anna Hazare failed miserably. This is probably what has demoralized the Civil Society and the only reason why they have shelved future plans.

Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev were nothing but the manifestation of the anger and out rage of what is now obvious; a small section of the Indian society; the ones wanting a Mahatma Gandhi like revolution. It failed because the majority does not see it that way. The majority visualizes a more pro active and aggressive method.

What this means is that the vast multitude of the Indian population want a quick end to their misery. They don’t see much hope in a peaceful agitation; even if it has to succeed it will consume a lot of time. A lot of people are saying that the only way out is an open uprising.

Ok so we have had two manifestations of the public anger; there is bound to be another one. This one I think will be the opposite of the first two; a manifestation using force. This appears to be the only way out for India.

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