India enters 2012

The Black Money discussion in Parliament, about Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank and other tax havens predictably turned out to be an anti climax. The septic won’t be wrong in assuming that the event was choreographed and stage managed for the cameras.

It turned out to be another dull discussion, with no concrete proposals nor any positive outcome. The entire sham symbolizes how the suffering Indian is take for a ride, every day of his life, by the smooth talking looters.

Neither the Government nor the Opposition even remotely touch the ‘Mauritius route’, the life line of the money laundering racket. The proceeds of corruption and tax evasion are rerouted back into the Indian Stock Markets, through Participatory Notes. An estimated 90 to 100 Billion US Dollars has entered the financial markets through this route.

The looters of India are not that stupid to let most of their funds rot in Swiss and other tax havens, without interest. They want more and more returns from the loot, so they reroute those funds back in to India, manipulate the stock market and rip off the small investors. This is an ongoing feature of the Indian stock markets; none dares to stop it.

The common Indian enters 2012 in a state of siege. The full extent and magnitude of the loot is unknown. What is exposed is only a tip of the iceberg. 2012 promises to be a year of great strife, agitations, sleaze and unforeseen events. This will be probably the most trying period in the history of India.

The only hope of combating the looters is the anti corruption crusaders like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. These are the only rallying points at this moment of time; this is the only silver lining one sees for India in the year 2012.

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