Rare Mantra for Fever

This is a rare Shaabri Health Mantra which is written in the olden Marathi script. This is a one of the rare Indian Shaabri Mantras. This particular one which I have given here is a Mantra to cure fever.

This Mantra is in the form of a question, after reciting the Mantra, kindly note that one has to take the name of the person suffering from fever; which is the answer to the question.

To use this Mantra one has to take 3 Beetal Leaves and put 1 Clove into each of the Leaves. Then while reciting the Mantra give the Beetal Leaves one by one to the person suffering from Fever to eat. This is said to give relief to that person and bring down the fever.

Rare Hindu Mantra Chant for Fever

Kale kukde mulchi dhaav
Heev yate tyache naav kaay ?

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