Home remedy for low sperm count

I am getting at lot of requests related to home remedies for low sperm count. The reasons for a low sperm count can be due to a variety of reasons; ranging from physiological to physical. Hence those suffering from low sperm count are best advised to get back into peak physical and mental contrition; this is the best medicine.

However for the benefit of my readers I am giving here a traditional Indian remedy, practiced to increase sperm count.

Take 250 grams of dried Amla [Indian Gooseberry].Grind the Amla to make a powder. Then mix this powder with about 125 grams of fresh Amla juice. Then let it dry, by keeping it on a clean piece of cloth. After it has completely dried, mix about 250 grams of sugar to it and store the mixture in a container.

Take 2 grams of this powder twice a day with cows milk for about three weeks. This is said to give positive results to those with low sperm count.

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  2. Male fertility is one thing thats taking a huge hit these days because of many factors such as stress, junk food intake, pressure to complete deadlines and much more.
    Many people go up to a local pharmacy shop or so called sexologists to get back their power of male fertility back but as the medicines suggested by these so-called solutions are very well packed with miseries in the form of various agents that could give rise to many side-effects to further make the situation worse.
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  3. Nice and informative post.
    Millions of products and supplements available in the market to increase the sperm count in men. Some of them are beneficial and some of them have harmful effects. You must consult a qualified doctor before the intake of any.
    Check the above Enhance Sperm Count.


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