Healing through Sex

Along before the advent of Christianity and Islam, people all over the world were worshipping “Phallus” as the one who created the world. Ancient Indians worshipped the “Shivlingam” as the divine light, which gave life and energy. Though today most Hindus have forgotten the real symbolism of the Shivlingam.

Today people worship the “Goddess of Love” or “Kaamdeva’ in the hope that it would herald in peace and tranquility back into their lives. Some Tantrik cults and new age Gurus preach that spirituality can be elevated and Samadhi gained through pure Sexual Intercourse.

The purest of Sexual activities triggers off the dormant healer present in each and every human being. In the purest of Sex, one can become the healer; and also the healed. The relieving of tension, dissolution of worry and the return of vitality are the health promoting benefits of erotic experience.

The unseen benefits, which one does not even notice, are the return of vitality, which speeds up the natural healing mechanism always present in the body. Sexual activity between husband and wife and true lovers is as natural as anything else in this world. One will realize how the act of making love assumes therapeutic proportions. You will also realize that allowing sexuality to blossom in your being has added layers of exuberance to you dull life.

Through Sexual Intercourse healing is intuitive in nature, it is spontaneous; the after effects of a most satisfying erotic experience. Thus, when you and your partner don’t restrict yourself, don’t desire anything; simply give, then you realize that love engulfs you. All the mental barriers start dissolving, and this starts reflecting everywhere in your lives; at work and home and you will be the healer and the healed.

The greatest disservice done by manmade religion is the sudden stoppage of this natural healing process through Sex. This has led to the human mind mutating as those who founded these religions did not know that the mind can never be enslaved.

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