Home remedies using Drumstick plant

The Drumstick tree [Moringa oleifera] is widely used in traditional Indian medicine. Most of the parts of this tree have their uses.

Some more popular home remedies using this plant are given here.

1] The juice of the roots of this plant, mixed with honey is used to cure internal boils.
2] The juice of the leaves of the Drumstick tree is said to stop hiccups and also breathlessness.
3] 10 grams of sugar mixed with the juice of the Drumstick leaves is given to patients who have excess accumulation of gas in their stomach, for 3 days to drink. This also give relief fro pain due to gas.
4] Tea made by boiling Drumsticks and the then mixed with honey is said to cure infection of intestinal parasites . This preparation has to be taken twice a day.
5] The juice of the leaves is rubbed on the scalp to remove dandruff from the hair.
6] The outer skin of the Drumstick is boiled in water and used to cure skin diseases like ringworm, by applying it on the affected body parts.
7] Tea made of the skin of the Drumsticks is used to remove impurities of the blood and to cure large boils. The outer skin is also bandaged over the boils; this is said to ensure that the boils ripen and burst open.
8] Tea of the Drumsticks gives relief to those suffering from Piles.

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