Home remedies for Pyelonephritis

These are a couple of interesting Health Remedies which are practiced in naturopathy by Traditional Indian practitioners to treat Pyelonephritis a form of Nephritis. These remedies can easily be practiced at home.

1] Take 10 glasses of water and put some silver pieces or coins in it. Boil the water till it evaporates and comes down to about 3 glasses. This water is given to the person suffering from Pyelonephritis to drink, when it becomes lukewarm.

2] Take a tablespoon of some high quality tea like Darjeeling tea and boil it along with 1 cup of water. When it evaporates to about ½ a cup remove from the fire. Then add 1 cup water to the evaporated tea. This tea should be taken hot. No sugar or milk should be added to this tea.

This tea is also said to be beneficial to those suffering from Kidney Stones, the tea has to be taken every alternative day.

Those suffering from Pyelonephritis are advised to completely avoid intake of salt, spices, butter, clarified butter and oil from their diets.

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