Remedy for morning stools without cigarettes

A common habit, you may call it addiction is when one cannot imagine morning stools without a cigarette for company. In some countries like India a cigarette may be replaced by tobacco or ghutka.Still others can’t imagine their morning chores without first having a cup of tea.

It really gets difficult for these folks when don’t have a cigarette, tobacco or a cup of tea available, the first thing in the morning. This is a remedy for morning stools without cigarettes, tobacco or tea.

Take a glass of water and mix some fresh lime juice in it. Drinking this water negates the need for a cigarette, tobacco or tea. One is able to pass stools smoothly and constipation is avoided. Remember it takes some practice to overcome the mental and physical cravings which you have become addicted to.

Note – No other substance like salt or sugar should ever be mixed with this water.

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