The doctrine of self-surrender

There are a lot of religions, sects and pseudo-religious groups who are preaching the philosophy of total self-surrender to people who have not learnt the basics of Spiritualism. These are unprepared people who are not ready for this highest philosophy.

The end result of this impressive and deceptive doctrine is the conversion of ordinary devotees into passive, submissive and negative individuals. Such individuals are devoid of any original energy, initiative and creative skills.

These devotees are converted into zombies, fit only for exploitation and mostly function as servants and errand boys. Their gurus are themselves men and women of great initiative and creative skill and they themselves have not surrendered to anyone in the first place.

Absolute self-surrender is the last of the stages of spiritual enfoldment. This stage come spontaneously as the soul evolves to that stage when it is ready to take the final plunge into the void of the unknown Ever Existent.

Those on the Path to Enlightenment could do well to remember that surrendering your individuality to any guru is not going to get you anywhere. The Sadhak has to remember that nothing in nature can be acquired without effort. Every success is part of some chain reaction; even though one might not realize it.

The Sadhak should do well to remember the quote of that great philosopher who said “those who say they know are lying and those who know don’t tell”.

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