Short prayer to Infinity

This first verse of the Guru Gita composed by Veda Vyasa is a Prarthana or a short prayer to the Para Brahma the Ever-Existent or Infinity.

The meaning of this Prarthana is – I seek the blessings of the Unborn, infinite one, who contains within itself even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

अचिन्त्याव्यक्तरूपाय निर्गुणाय गणात्मने l
समस्तजगदाधारमूर्तये ब्रह्मणे नमः ll

Achintyavyaktarupaaya Nirgunaya Ganatmne l
Samastjagdadharmurtaye Brahane Namah ll

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  1. i thinks it's brahMane in the 2nd stanza


    Some interesting perspectives about infinity can be read in that link, especially the one answer starting with "Once an yogi made himself very small like an atom"

  3. "A mantra without proper meaning is like that of, a Body without Soul "' . A humble request to provide the meaning of such vedic mantras in all of your posts .Neel sir.


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