Traditional Indian Remedies

Traditional Indian religious practices and traditional medicine have gone hand in hand over the ages. There are remedies for almost everything from health, marriage and sexual problems to remedies for financial problems.

This is an interesting collection of traditional Indian remedies which I have put here. I will be adding to this list, I request readers to contribute their knowledge for the benefit of all.

Simple remedy to get pregnant
Remedy to ensure smooth pregnancy
Traditional Indian remedy to get pregnant
Traditional Indian remedy for vomiting in pregnancy
Simple Remedy to sexually attract your husband
Simple remedy for wet dreams
Simple Remedy for Menstrual Problems
Home remedy to give birth to male child
Home Remedy to increase Sexual Poweress
Home remedy to improve sexual health.
Home remedy for Sexual Poweress and Vitality
Simple home Remedy to increase Vitality
Home Remedy for increasing breast size
This Remedy to increase Breast Size
Remedy for wound marks on breasts
Try these remedies to dissolve Kidney Stones
Try this remedy for Summer Fatigue
Remedies for Body Pain due to hard work
Home Remedies for feet and Leg Pain
Home remedy for low sperm count
Remedy for impotence and low sperm count
Tip for every women to feel young again
Remedies for Weakness in Women
Home remedy for breast pain after pregnancy
Sadhana to become pure and beautiful
Traditional Indian home remedy for facial cleanser
Traditional Indian remedies using lime as a hair and teeth cleanser
Traditional Indian remedy for hair fall
Try this tip to stop hair fall
Remedies to make Hair Thick and Black
Indian Home Remedies to Cure Baldness
Try this to make teeth shine
Remedy for Healthy and Radiant Eyes
Indian Remedy to Reduce Number of Eyeglasses
Remedy to Reduce Number of Eye Glasses - 2
Remedies for Cracks in Heels
Try this tip to get sound sleep
Traditional Indian Remedies for Insomnia
Try this remedy to increase brain power
Remedies for Health of Students
Try this remedy for Dysentery
Animal and Plant Tantra to stop Loose Motions
Traditional Indian remedies for skin luster
Simple Remedies for Itching Skin
Simple remedy to appear beautiful
Traditional Indian Face Cleansing Oil
Simple remedy to concentrate on studies
Simple Remedy to improve memory power
Simple remedy to reduce weight
Traditional Indian remedy for weight gain
Remedy to increase height
Horseshoe for Luck
Benefits of Magnetic Water
Using the healing power of water to remove diseases
Remedies using Durva [Cynodon dactylon]
Remedies using Aragvadha [Cassia fistula]
Home Remedies with Clarified Butter [ Cow Ghee ]
Traditional Indian remedy for Hiccups
Traditional Indian remedy for Arthritis
Traditional Indian Remedies for Epilepsy
Use of Ginger and Fenugreek in fighting Whooping Cough
Traditional Indian remedy for dark spots
Remedies for removing Dark Spots from Skin
Remedies for Dark Spots on Skin - 3
Home Remedies for Pimples
Traditional Indian remedies for impotence
Simple remedy to cure enlarged Spleen
Repel ants cockroaches lizards for free
Try this free repellent to protect books
Free Housefly Repellent
Try this for Bad Breath
Try this to cure Goitre
Try this for excessive sweating
Useful Remedies for Insect Stings
Home Remedy for Nose Bleeding
Indian Remedy for Burns
Traditional Indian Remedies for Thyroid Problems
Chakradatta Remedies for Piles and Stomach Pain
Neem Bath Remedy for Skin Disorders
Healing By Gold Water
Indian Home Remedies for Urticaria
5 Simple Traditional Indian Healing Remedies
Try This Remedy to Quit Smoking
Indian Home Remedy for Sneezing Due to Dust Allergy
Home Remedy for Bad Breath Using Honey
Kayakalp Sadhana for Health and Beauty

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    please tell me a method to remove fat from my waistline. I have tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work really.

  2. hello sir I have gall stones could u tel me mantra to recite I want to get rid of


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