Home Remedy for Bad Breath Using Honey

In this post, I have written about a simple and easy to practice home remedy using honey, which is said to remove bad breath and foul odor emitting from the mouth. This is a cost effective bad breath removal remedy, which does not have any side-effects.

Bad breath can be a most embarrassing problem and mouth fresheners and similar products are short term remedies and their effects last for a few hours at the most.

Even though, there are many types of bad breath and the causes are numerous, there is no harm in attempting the simple home remedy described in this post.

Pure unadulterated country honey

For practicing this remedy you need pure unadulterated honey or Shudh Desi Shahed as it is called in the Hindi language.

Honey, especially pure adulterated honey has numerous medicinal and healing properties, including giving relief from indigestion, allergies, throat problems and helping remove bacteria from the body.

1] At night, before going to bed, add 10 drops of honey in a small glass of drinking water and cover the glass with a clean lid.

2] In the morning, drink this honey mixed water.

3] Then, take a few drops of honey and brush your teeth with the honey using your finger or a soft tooth brush.

4] Practicing this simple bad breath removal home remedy for 11 days is said to resolve the bad breath problem.

If you are satisfied with the results you can repeat this home remedy once again after a few days or whenever the need is felt.

Another simple home remedy for bad breath, which was published a few years back can be seen here - Simple Indian Remedy for Removing Bad Breath


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