Totke for Safety from Road Accidents

In this post, I have described four simple and easy to practice paranormal home remedies for preventing accidents and mishaps, while traveling by a scooter or a motor cycle and for preventing accidents, while going on a journey by a car or a bus.

For Safety from Two Wheeler Accidents: There are two simple remedies, which can be practiced to prevent mishaps and accidents, while traveling by scooters or motor-cycles.

Both these remedies are most simple and easy to practice and the practitioner can easily practice both of them to keep himself secure from two wheeler accidents.

Remedies to Prevent Car, Scooter, Bus and Motorcycle Accidents and Mishaps

1] Upon getting up in the morning, take the blessings of Mother Earth, by touching your head on the floor three times. The regular practice of this most simple Totka will keep you safe from road accidents.

2] This Totka has to be practiced for five Saturdays continuously. The practitioner has to take five Whole Suparis and make a hole in the center of each of these five Suparis.

Then, on each of the five Saturdays, he should go to a Peepal Tree and place one Paan and Supari near the trunk of the Peepal Tree.

For Safety from Bus/ Car Accidents: Two simple remedies have been given for preventing accidents and mishaps, while going on a journey by motor vehicles, like buses and cars. Both these remedies can be easily practiced together.

1] Before any family member is going on a journey, someone in the family, should take a fistful of rice grains and two sticks of turmeric and make all the family members touch these two items.

Then, both these items should be kept on a piece of cloth and the cloth should be tied to make a small bundle.

This, small bundle should be given to the family member who is going on a journey by motor vehicle for keeping him safe from accidents.

2] A Diya should be lit in the house before a family member is going on a journey and the family member should leave the house, while the Diya is still burning.


  1. पोस्ट में पहले टोटके में भूमि माता के आशीष लेने का उल्लेख है .शास्त्रों के अनुसार सूर्योदय से प्रायः एक घंटा पहले ब्राह्ममुहूर्त होता है ,इस समय सोना निषिद्ध है ..इस कारण ब्राह्ममुहूर्त में उठकर नीचे लिखा मन्त्र बोलते हुए अपने हाथ देखें --
    कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मीः करमध्ये सरस्वती ,करमूले स्थितो ब्रह्मा प्रभाते करदर्शनम ..
    इसके बाद नीचे लिखी प्रार्थना कर पृथ्वी पर पैर रखें --
    समुद्रवसने देवि !पर्वतस्तनमण्डले ,विष्णुपत्नि ! नमस्तुभ्यं पादस्पर्श क्षमस्व में .
    (हे विष्णुपत्नि !हे समुद्ररूपी वस्त्रों को धारण करने वाली तथा पर्वतरूप स्तनों से युक्त पृथ्वी देवि !तुझे नमस्कार है .मेरे पादस्पर्श को क्षमा करो )


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