Powerful Vashikaran Prayer to Get Desired Lover

There are many people who are desperately trying to attract their desired lovers or life partners,  but hesitate, while attempting Vashikaran, Mohini, Sammohan and other Occult techniques because they do no think that they are just and fair because the will of the desired lover is not taken into consideration.

Other believe that making the use of these Voodoo Love Spells against the will of the desired lover will attract side-effects and the consequences would be harmful.

For the benefit of such people, I had written about a Satvik or Pure Vashikaran Sadhana, which is more like a wish fulfilling prayer that is dedicated to Surya Devta or the Sun God. This is a Bina Mantra-Yantra ka Vashikaran Prayog that does not need the use of any Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra.

This prayer attempts to invoke Surya Devta and get his blessings in attracting the desired beloved without using any special Voodoo techniques.

The Surya Dev Vashikaran Sadhana is a most simple and easy to practice Vashikaran Upay, which has to be performed for just 2 evenings and takes at the most 5 minutes to complete. It is so simple that even lay-person can practice it easily without any effort.

Surya Arghya of Jal and Gur for Vashikaran Prarthana

This is a very effective Vashikaran Prayog, which was described in a post published a few years back. This Vashikaran Sadhana will not attract any kind of side-effects because it is a Sativk Prarthana dedicated to Surya Dev.

At the same time, it will work only if the wish is realistic and practical and not some sort of unrealistic fantasy.

Recently, this Vashikaran Sadhana has been converted into video format and a sample prayer to Surya Dev has also been added for the benefit of viewers.

This Surya Dev Vashikaran Prayog video can be seen here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25ght4mGYPE

Note- Needless to add that success will ultimately depend upon the will power and intensity with which you perform this Vashikaran Prayog.

Please share your experience with others, if you attempt this Vashikaran Prayog.


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