Effective Shukra Mantra for Romance and Money

Venus or Shukra is universally acknowledged as the Goddess of Love. In Hindu as well as Western Astrology, the Planet Venus has been attributed with the qualities of love, romance, money and finances. In this post, I will tell you about a simple and effective Shukra Mantra, which will surely balance both these qualities of love and money.

A malefic Venus can create severe problems in the love or sex life of an individual,  as lack or excess of love and romance can create severe physical and psychological problems or disorders in an individual and adversely affect his life style.

Money is the most important factor that influences the life style on an individual and his ability to enjoy and take pleasure from luxurious items.

Money and finances are also to a great extent influenced by Venus and this Planet has also been strongly linked to the Hindu Goddess of Money, Wealth and Abundance Lakshmi.

As pointed out earlier in this post, a simple, but most effective method of appeasing Shukra is to chant the Shukra Mantra given 108 times daily. The procedure described in this post, is most suitable for laypersons who get confused while attempting to practice lengthier and complicated Mantra Sadhanas.

Shukra Mantra Chant for Love, Romance, Finance and Money

ॐ शुक्राय नमः ||

Om Shukraya Namah ||

This Mantra Sadhana should be started on a Friday, which is the best day of the week for appeasing both Venus and the Goddess Lakshmi.

The practitioner should have a bath and wear pure or bright white colored clothes and sit on a white colored sitting mat.

He should light a Diya before an image or idol of Lakshmi Mantra and then start chanting the Mantra.

A Crystal Beads Counting Rosary should be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

Over a period of time, the practitioner will notice an improvement in both his love life and money earnings.

Note- This simple Shukra Mantra Sadhana is just as effective and beneficial as the other Shukra Mantras posted on this site.

If a woman is practicing this Mantra Sadhana, she should take a break during her Monthly Cycle.


  1. Can I chant the shukra gayatri mantra also?

  2. What is the meaning of 'Over a Period of Time'? How many days, weeks, months or years will it take to get the positive results?

  3. Does this mantra also increase beauty?

  4. Can we rudraksha rosary for chanting ?
    Also is it ok to taketColored Aasan ??

  5. Please share no of chants along with time frame. Regards

  6. Neel sir..can any one chant this shukra mantra for a gradual increase of money or one has to check ones astrological chart and chant it only if ones shukra is weak or strong.please guide neel sir.

    1. This is a general purpose mantra and anybody can chant it for the purpose mentioned in the post.

  7. Neel sir.thank you so much for answering and i had mistakenly posted another comment or question referring to the same thing.really sorry neel sir.

  8. Dear sir .. pls tell me at wat time have to chant ... I mean before surya udaya or after Surya Udaya in morning .. and in evening before suryasta or after Suryasta... Pls I want to know this


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