Effective Remedy for Beneficial Aspects of Shani

In this post, I have written about an effective remedy for getting the beneficial aspects of Shani. This astrological Totka can be practiced by anyone, even if that person is not affected by Sade Sati or Shani Dhaiya or has an adverse Shani in his horoscope.

This simple and easy to perform this Totka, which involves a simple Utara ritual has to be practiced faithfully for seven Saturdays, the only exception is for women who can take a break during their Monthly Cycle.

Oil Lamp

The simple procedure for practicing this paranormal remedy is given below:

1] Go to a Peepal Tree on seven Saturdays and light a Clay Diya and perform an Utara of yourself once by holding the Oil Lamp in your right hand and rotating it around your own body.

2] Then, place that Diya near the trunk of the Peepal Tree along with a fistful of Kale Til or Black Sesame Seeds.

3] On the completion of this seven Saturdays Totka, give 1 ¼ Meters of Black Colored Cloth, Sabut Urad and Oil to any young child. The quantity of the Urad and Oil to be given to the child  depends upon the practitioner.

Performing this simple Totka will enable the practitioner to get the beneficial aspects of Shani  and give him relief from all the problems, obstacles and difficulties faced by him and give him satisfaction and peace of mind.

If possible, you can visit the Shani Mandir at Shani Shingnapur and seek the blessings of Shani Dev.  This can be most beneficial for everyone, including those going through the turbulent period of Shani Sade Sati or Shani Dhaiya.

The Shani Murti at Shani Shingnapur is self-manifested and “Jagrut” and countless devotees have received the blessings of the miraculous Shani Murti.

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  1. Respected Guruji:
    Today I got an opportunity to interact with Lord Shani Mahatma. Two way conversation i had with Lord Shani Mahatma. God said follow Dharma, be truthful and visit my temple regularly. I will remove all your sufferings.


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