Paranormal Remedy for Fever Coming at Regular Intervals

In this post, I have described a simple and easy to practice Upay for getting relief from fever that occurs at regular intervals, once daily or comes every alternate day or every three/ four days. This type of fever is called as Ektara, Visham and Pari Ka Jwar in the Hindi Language.

This paranormal healing remedy is so simple that it can be practiced by any person to get relief from these kinds of fever.

Rice Grains for Hindu Healing Remedy for Periodic Fever

1] On any Saturday or Sunday, take 7 grains of uncooked rice[Chawal Ke Dane] and go to a Aak Tree, also called as the Madar Ka Ped or Apple of Sodam Tree in the English language.

2] Face the East Direction and place 1 grain of rice near the root of the Aak Tree.

3] Then, chant a small prayer “Jwar Devta, you are invited on Sunday, please do not come uninvited”. Jwar Devta translated into English means “Fever God”

4] Then, once again place a rice grain near the root of the Aak Tree and chant the came prayer, replacing Sunday for Monday.

5] Then, keep repeating the same prayer for the rest of the 7 days of the week, using the same procedure. Each rice grain is for 1 day of the week.

6] Then, after completing the remedy go back to your house and while going back to your do not speak to anyone or glance back over your shoulder.

This completes this remedy, which is a one-time paranormal healing remedy.

Note- Numerous such Indian Paranormal Healing Remedies, Tone, Totke and Upay, which do not need the chanting of any Mantra or the use of a Yantra can be seen in the section on – Paranormal Healing Remedies

This site cannot certify the success of these traditional Indian healing remedies and if any person wishes to practice them, he can do so along with his regular medical treatment.


  1. एकान्तर ,विषम या पारी के ज्वर में अपामार्ग पौधे की जड़ भी उपयोगी है .पौधे को जल चढ़ाकर
    विनय करें ,जड़ निकाल लें और रोगी की चोटी या बालों में बाँध दें .ज्वर जाता रहेगा .परीक्षित है
    कई देवी देवताओं के मन्त्र और कवच भी हर प्रकार के ज्वरनाश में उपयोगी हैं .नारायणास्त्र के झाड़े से सभी प्रकार के ज्वर दूर होते हैं (मन्त्र में उल्लेख भी है ---ऐकाहिकम द्वाहिकम त्र्याहिकम चातुर्थिकं ज्वरम नाशय नाशय ).
    हनुमान बड़वानल स्तोत्र का पाठ भी लाभप्रद है (भूतज्वर एकाहिक ज्वर द्वाहिक ज्वर त्र्याहिक ज्वर चातुर्थिक ज्वर संताप ज्वर विषम ज्वर माहेश्वर वैष्णव ज्वरान छिन्दि छिन्दि )


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