Paranormal Health Remedies

To make browsing easier and to make it simpler for the readers of this site, we have compiled in this section a selection of health remedies for specific disease and ailments using paranormal methods, which were published on this site from time to time.

There are numerous specific Tantras, which do or do not make the use of any kind of Mantras or Yantras to resolve health problems by curing or giving relief from diseases and ailments.  These Tantras popularly termed as Totke in Hindi have a widespread following in India, and it is not only Hindus, but also Muslims and others who dutifully practice these Paranormal Health remedies.

The Paranormal Health Remedies given in this section are a compilation of health remedies using paranormal means, published on this site over the past many years. The remedies given below are those, which do not need the chanting of any type of Mantra or preparation of a Healing Yantra. Most of them make the use of plant and animal parts and other material, which is normally used in religious rituals.

Even though, I am not in a position to vouch for the success or failure of the Paranormal remedies mention in this section, I have been publishing them from time to time for the benefit of the believers and followers of Indian Tantra Shastra.

For other Paranormal Health remedies, you can see the section on Health Mantras and Indian Healing Yantras. The individual sections on the Mantras-Tantras-Yantras of different Hindu Gods also contain paranormal healing remedies pertaining to those deities.

Paranormal Indian remedy to regain good health
Paranormal Indian remedy for healthy child
Paranormal Indian remedy to avert abortion
Garbha Nashak Tantra
Paranormal Remedy to stop Bleeding in Women
Paranormal remedies to make medicines effective
Paranormal remedy for loss of appetite
Paranormal remedy for skin problems
Strange Indian Tantra for Hair Growth
Paranormal remedy for chronic Cough and Colds
Paranormal remedy for Paralysis
Paranormal remedy to cure damaged Liver
Paranormal Remedy to cure Enlarged Liver
Paranormal Remedies for Cancer
Paranormal remedies to cure Tuberculosis
Paranormal Remedies for curing Rickets
Paranormal remedy for Asthma
Try these remedies for Urinary Problems
Remedy for Back Pain in Women
Paranormal Remedy for Intolerable Body Pain
Remedy for Grinding of Teeth in Sleep
Paranormal Remedies for Eye-Defects
Try this to cure Liquor Addiction
Paranormal Remedy for Liquor Addiction - 2
Paranormal Remedy to Quit Smoking
Paranormal Kada to Remove Gas and Ghosts
Paranormal Remedy for fair Complexion
Tantra to Normalise Shifted Fetus
Paranormal Remedy for Barren Women
Kesar Chandan Tilak for a Calm Mind
Indian Home Remedy for Menstrual Problems
Lal Kitab Remedy for Curing Migraine
Good Health Remedy using Shwetark Root
Indian Remedy to Remove Voice Defects
Rudraksha Therapy for Healing Infected Wounds
Rudraksha Water Therapy for Blurred Eye Sight
Rudraksha Water Therapy for Fearfullnes
Healing Talisman using Tam Beej Mantra
Sun Worship Remedy to Remove Fear
Exorcism Remedy for Sick Person
Indian Home Remedy for Sagging Breasts
Chakshu Upanishad Remedy for Eyesight
Indian Occult Remedy to Find Undiagnosed Disease
Tantra to fall Fast Asleep
Simple Remedies to Prevent Night Emission
Indian Healing Talisman for Intestine Ailments
Paranormal Indian Remedies for Elephantiasis
Strange Indian Home Remedy for Whooping Cough
Home Remedy Using Gold Water to Heal Wounds
Paranormal Indian Remedy to Lose Fat
Indian Home Remedy to Remove Lice
Tantric Poison Removal Home Rmedies
Paranormal Healing Remedies Using Anjeer
Indian Paranormal Remedy to Cure Dumbness
Paranormal Remedy for Fever Comig at Regular Intervels
Rare Healing Remedy Using Ram Raksha Stotra
Gomutra Remedy to Cure Addictions
Paranormal Remedy to Heal Rotting and Infected Wounds


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