Healing Talisman using Tam Beej Mantra

Most followers of Hindu Mantra Shastra would have either read or heard about the immense power and potential of mediation upon certain unique and powerful Beej Mantras like Om, Kleem, Shreem and some other Beej Mantras have unique properties of attracting most powerful and effective vibratory energies. In this post, I have described a very simple but specific and effective Healing Tantra using the टं – Tam Beej Mantra for resolving everyday health problems.

The Tantra says that Tam should be written on a white piece of paper using green colored ink. This paper with Tam written on it should be kept on a wooden board and an incense stick an oil lamp should be lit in front ot it. After the oil lamp and incense stick have extinguished the paper should be inserted inside a metal locket and tied with a string around the right upper arm. This is said to be a sure hot healing charm for resolving all health problems.

Another method of practicing this Tantra is to write the Tam Beej Mantra eleven times on the piece of paper and worship it in the same manner described above and then insert it inside a locket and wear it around the neck like a healing talisman.

Healing Talisman using Tam Beej Mantra
Tam Beej Mantra

The specific benefits of using this Tam Beej Mantra Healing Talisman - Yantra help in resolving the ailments mentioned below
Loss of memory [Kamjor Yaddasht]
Numbness and tingling motion in the limbs and muscular spasms
Depression and feeling of sadness and remorse
Hallucinations and frightening dreams [Bhayanak Sapne aur Bharam Me Rehna] resulting from physical problems
Nose Bleeding [Naksir phutna]
Less Breast Milk Supply in Women
Excessive Crying By Infants

Along with the wearing of the healing talisman, the Tam Beej Mantra can also be chanted in order to resolve the ailments mentioned above.


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