Yantra for Winning in Debates and Arguments

The Yantra, which has been described by me in this post, is a special Hindu Occult Charm, which is used to get the upper hand in any kind of debate. The debate or argument for which this Yantra is effective can be any kind, including Legal, Policy, Public Forum, Ideology, Religious, Competition or Student and Classroom Debates.

The Yantra as shown by me in the image should be prepared on any auspicious Hindu Date or Astrological Yoga by making it on a Bhojpatra using Kumkum Paste [Red Vermilion] for the ink and a pointed wooden stick as the pen. The Yantra comprises of Four Petal and the Beej Letters ह्रीं, यं, ह्रीं, यं should be written in each of the Petals. The name of the opponent in the debate who is desired to be put under a Voodoo Spell should be written in place of the word ”name” appearing in the center of the Yantra.

Hindu Occult Voodoo Yantra for Winning Debates and Arguments
Yantra for Winning in Debates and Arguments

Then the Yantra must be worshipped by lighting an Oli Lamp and Incense Stick in front of it and placing a few pleasant flowers upon it. The it has to be inserted in a Locket prepared using a combination of three different metals. Such a Locket is called as a Triloha Locket in India.

Then the Locket should be tightly closed and kept immersed for some time in a small cup of Milk.

After this it should be removed from the Milk and cleaned with water and worn around the neck like a luck charm for winning all kinds of debates.

Note- The Yantra can, which is known in Hindi as Vivad Yaa Bahesh Jitne Ka Yantra-Upay can be prepared in the same manner to put a Voodoo Spell on any competitior or opponent for any kind of debate, including a expected quarelsome debate or argument with the husband, wife or any other family member.


  1. Can this yantra be used against any person or only a single person whose name is insidethe petal?

    1. Yes, the Yantra can be only used against the person in whose name it has been made.

    2. Hello Neel sir, Prananm
      can this yantra be just prepared and kept in the wallet whilst attending the debate since we do no not have triloki locket available in our country..And this debate is going to happen in two days time so what would be the convenient yoga to prepare this yantra..please reply as the lagal debate on 20th June, 9am 2016

    3. This Locket for this Yantra has to be made from Triloha, meaning a combination of 3 metals.

  2. Respected Guruji, is it possible to use the above yantra generically, in some cases one may not know ones enemy or opponent. Can one put "everyone" in the name space rather than just one name?

    1. You can attempt the variation be adding the word enemies, opponents or competitors as the case may be.


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