Shiva Trinetra Mantra to Open Third Eye

In this post, I have described a Sadashiv Mantra to get Siddhi over the Third-Eye or the Ajna Chakra. The procedure of performing this Mantra Experiment is uncomplicated and easy to follow for any Kundalini Yoga practitioner or any aspirant seeking to awaken the Ajna Chakra, which is primarily responsible for intuition, extra-sensory perception. psychic powers, clairvoyance and Trikal Gyan or the ability to visualize the past, present and the future.- Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
The Mantra Sadhana has to be done for 21 days starting from a Monday and each day, the Sadhak has to chant 21 rosaries of the Third-Eye Opening Shiva Mantra given in this post.

Shiva Trinetra Mantra to Open Third Eye for Kundalini practitioners
Shiva Trinetra Mantra to Open Third Eye

Before starting the Mantra Japa, one has to use his right hand's ring finger and middle finger and very vigorously rub the third eye area in a vertical or a diagonal motion. One has to sit facing the east direction on a white Aasan [white colored sitting mat]. The Mantra Japa should only be done early in the morning before 9 am.

Other than this, Basic rules like lighting a Pure Ghee [pure clarified butter] lamp, worshipping Shiva and Ganesha or any other of the aspirants favored deities have to be performed.

This Mantra Japa should only be done if you have already activated all the other Chakras below the Ajna Chakra or else, it will bring calamatic situations for your body, you may suffer from diseases, you may start behaving like a bipolar disorder person, you may feel immense amounts of giddiness, fatigue, inability to keep your eyes open, feeling very sleepy, etc. One must also mediate at least 5 minutes on all the other Chakras after doing this Mantra Japa.

The Shiva Trinetra or the Third-Eye of Shiva symbolizes the ultimate occult, secret, divine and paranormal powers in the Cosmos. Gaining Siddhi over the inherent paranormal forces in the Universe is the dream of most Yogis and advances Sadhaks.


  1. I strongly disagree on the following "Before starting the Mantra Japa, one has to use his right hand's ring finger and middle finger and very vigorously rub the third eye area in a vertical or a diagonal motio"

    The reason of my disagreement being, as i remember almost 10-12 years back while playing with friends we did a prank on one of our friend by saying, if you close your eyes & rub your forehead for 100 times then it will let you see god once you open your eyes. That friend started rubbing with light hands (not vigorously) & once he done with 100 times it left a dark spot on his forehead which lasted for years. The mark looks like he has a third eye on his forehead.

    So, if a light rubbing can leave a mark on forehead for years what will happen whe one do it vigorously. One should take care of it while doing.

  2. In childhood skin is still weak. Also, no where in the article has Neel mentioned that one has to rub 100 times. Rubbing 6-8 times is enough

  3. Hi Ashok ji and Neel ji

    What are the Mantra japas to activate all other chakras below. Please advise on all other so it becomes easier to start from below and then go to Ajna chakra


    Amit Kumar

  4. sir i have a lover but one day my love will break up but i love my lover till now i dont want to leave her i want my lover back and i want to her pls tell me the any mantra to come back my lover and never break up my love.
    sir i read ur mantras i chanted vijaysundari vasikarna mantra chanted daily in the morning in my puja mandir daily 1000 times in 7 days i completed my 7000 times but my lover dont come back why sir wts the problem
    ' OM VIJAYSUNDARI KLEEM' i chanted daily pls give me remedy sir why dont my lover come back pls tell me clearly i want my lover back i dont chanted in my date time i chanted in regular times is thr any wrong with me or wrong in mantra tell me clearly waiting for ur reply sir

    1. In future kindly post your queries on the concerned posts in, which the mantra appears.
      We try our best to provide information to readers, however, as pointed out earlier, much depends upon the will and intensity of the chanter of the Mantra.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What are mantras to activate other chakras. Without the details above note is useless.

  6. Hi Ashok ji and Neel ji
    I would also like to know what those mantras are. In fact is there a mantra that can be used to awaken all chakras at once?

  7. Fully Activating a chakra takes time. Look for kundanali mantra section for mantras of the various chakras

  8. is it ok if 11 rosary is done in the morning and 10 rosary in the evening to complete 21 rosary?
    if not please suggest me if dont get time for 21 rosary at a time

  9. Sir how many beads in this rosary? Basically 21 rosaries mean how many times it has to be chanted?


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