Vedic Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana

I had once shared a very rare and unknown Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana. That Hanuman Sadhana involved reciting Janjiras, a is Janjira nothing but a kind of Shabar Mantra. Today, I want to share another Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana. This Sadhana involves the chanting of a Vedic Mantra.  Though this Sadhana is less fearsome than the previous Sadhana, it is still a Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana so the one who does this Sadhana should be very careful. Before starting this Sadhana one must either take Guru Diksha or one must attain Shiv Tatva. One must also to pray to Hanuman before starting the Sadhana. – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
Following is the procedure of the Hanuman Mantra Prayoga:-
1] Start the Sadhana from a Pushya Nakshatra which falls on a Thursday. This happens just once every month in a Shukla Paksha.
2] Wake up at around 1.30-1.45 am of that Thursday
3] Have a bath with water brought from a well without using soap or anything similar.
4] After completing all the chores, Sit in a separate room where no one else can come.
5] Sit facing South and First, do Guru Pujan and then, Panchopchar Puja of Ganesha. Recite the Sankatnashaam Ganesh Stotra thrice and then chant one round of the following Mantra using a red coral rosary:
|| ॐ गं गणपतये सर्व कार्यसिद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ||
6] Then, worship Maheshvar and chant the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra and the Mantra given below for one rosary each.  Use a Rudraksh Counting Rosary for this purpose. After completing the Mantra Japa, pray to Shiv and Rudra for success in the Sadhana and to protect you.
||ॐ यो रुद्रोऽग्नौ यो प्सुय ओषधीऽषुयो रुद्रो विश्वा भुवना विवेश तस्मै रुद्राय नमोऽस्तु ||
7] After this chant 5 rounds of following Mantra and pray to Rama for success:
Mantra: || ॐ राम रामाय नमः ||
8] All of the above mentioned Puja and Mantra Japa has to be completed by 3 AM.
9] After this, Chant one round of your Guru Mantra or Karya Siddhi Mantra and pray to the god of the Mantra for success.
10] Once done, chant this Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra 8 times.
11] Then, take one teaspoonful of Gangajal in your palms, chant the Veer Jagruti Mantra once and sprinkle the water on yourself from such an angle that the water touches both your head, forehead and the face.
12] Repeat the above step 11 more times. That is, do it a total of 12 times.
13] After that, wearing only and only a red colored Dhoti and red colored Kurta, go to a Shivalaya or a mountain or a river bank.
14] Firstly, the Sadhak has to create a safety line around him. Do this using salt or rice or Gangajal and the following Mantra:
|| Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram ||
15] Perform Rechak and Kumbhak 21 times each.
16] After this take a big red colored flower in the hand and recite the Dhyaan Stotra. After that, chant the Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra for 60 or 101 or 201 rosaries. 201 rounds takes 9-10 hours and 101 rounds takes 4-5 hours. Use a Rudraksh Counting Rosary and 14 Mukhi Rudraksh Rosary if possible.
17] Do this entire procedure for total 6 days. On the 7th day, chant this Mantra from the Brahma Muhurat till 6 AM of the next morning continuously.
18] In the 4th Prahar of the night or even before that, Hanuman will generate massive fear. If a person is able to get rid of this Maya, Hanuman will give him Pratyaksh Darshan in his Veer Form.

My warning is that this is not a normal Sadhana. Veer Sadhanas are more fearsome and in fact dangerous than any Pratyaksh Darshan Sadhana of any God. Except when doing the Sadhana, the Sadhak should not stay alone or go anywhere alone. He should not stay alone even at home. Anything can happen like falling of trees, earthquakes, parts of ceiling or wall falling down on you, ghost attacks, etc.

This is tried and tested sadhana like the previous Hanuman Sadhana though this is a little less fearsome.

People, who don't know how to attain Tratak, people who don't have self-protections Siddhi need to stay away from this Mantra Experiment.

One needs to chant the Gayatri Mantra every day and should have Siddhi over Shri Ram Jay Ram Mantra.

Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra:
|| हं पवन नन्दनाय स्वाहा ||


  1. Pranam ashok sir and neel sir..,i am blessed and appreciate your works for the devotees but there is an important query that why you post such sadhnaa that is impossible for todays generation and some sadhna you recomend not to perform and also say do @ ur own risk to the readers?? We always follow and believe whatever you posts.

  2. If a mantra saadhna is shared that doesn't mean one must practice it. These are given here for informative purpose :)

  3. Visitors like me will be more happy if you provide transliteration in English for the mantras.

  4. The english translation of above mantra is ham pavan nandanaaya swaha:


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