Ram Raksha Remedy for Sexual Harassment

In this post, I have described an Indian Paranormal Remedy, which is said to protect a girl from Eve-Teasing, unwanted lewd sexual remarks, comments and advances. Street or Workplace Sexual Harassment or Molestation has become a part and parcel of the life of women in some parts of India and the condition seems to be worsening by the day. This home remedy, which has originated from the sacred Rama Raksha Strora and is simple to practise.

An image from a verse from the Ram Raksha Stotra is shown in the image provided in this post. The woman desiring to perform this paranormal remedy for safety from eve-teasers should write it on a white pieces of paper and the read it 27 times.

Ram Raksha Stotra Verse for preventing Eve Teasing and Molestation
Ram Raksha Stotra Verse

Then the woman should place a few fresh Tulsi Leaves [Holy Basil Plant Leaves] on the paper and worship the paper by lighting an Oil Lamp and an Incense Stick in front of it.

Then the paper [with the Tulsi Leaves inside it] should be folded and stitched in a Red Cloth Talisman and kept on the body like a protective talisman.

Note- the simplistic meaning of the verse should be taken as-“Shri Ram and Laxman, with their bows and arrows ready are always present form my protection”

This paranormal remedy can be performed on any day at anytime. The intensity and faith with, which the remedy is performed is of utmost importance.

Similar Ram Mantra Upay for Mahila Yaun Utpidan, Ched Khani or Zor Zabardasti can be seen here- Ram Mantra for Protection of Women


  1. Dear Sir,
    Im am extremely happy to see this post.This remedy will be most useful for those beautiful women whose husbands are afraid to send their wives out of their house.Jai Shri Ram!
    Thank u so much sir.

  2. Mr.Ashok,I Just Want To Do Only One Mala Of Multi Use kamadev Vashikaran Mantra Apart From All Sidhi Procedures Daily,For This Also I Have To Take Initiation?,Can I Start Doing This Any Day Or I Have To Start On Specific Day?,Is It Necessary To Put Kamadev Photo Infront Of Me While Chanting The Mantra?,Is It Necessary To Use A Specific Mala And Assan To Do Chant This Mantra 108 Times Daily?,If Yes,Please Let Me Know,What Type Of Mala And What Type Of Assan And Color I have To Use?,Is There Any Specific Time To Do This Mantra One Mala Daily?,or can I Do This In The Evening Time Between 6:00p.m To 7:00p.m?,What Will Be The Consequences If I Do This Mantra Daily One Mala?.

    Thank you :)

    1. Use red velvet aasan.
      use sphatik rosary only.
      do between 9 pm to 6 AM starting from a friday
      no consequences.

    2. Thank You So much Mr.Ashok,I have to start chanting this mantra on any Friday or the Friday which comes under good tidhi?,Is it okay if i light diya in a metal lamp with rice bran oil?,chanting this mantra 108 times gives me what?

  3. Sir is prayog ko purush kar ke mahila ko tavij de Sakta hai

    1. The woman should preform the remedy herself, but the man can guide her.

  4. Hello sir, Sir Iam a shiva Bhakt . But can I do ram parayana and recite ganesh sankat nashan strotra to overcome health problem of my child or should I do maha amogh hare rams Hare Krishna mantra sadhana or gayitri mantra sadhana? (Sir sorry for asking these many questions ) but my question is in response to one of Ashok sir's comment in bajrang baan sadhana . He mentioned to worship only one deity. , Iam confused now! Sir can u tell me which mantra or sadhana should I do?

    1. Concentrating your energies on one deity or a Mantra Sadhana connected to that deity will make it easier for you to accomplish it successfully and get success.

    2. Every god has another god attached with it. For every Hanuman sadhana, worshipping Shiva and Rama is necessary. Similarly, for any shakti sadhana, worshipping Bhairav is necessary. In such a case, just because you are praying to shiva before Hanuman sadhana isn't wrong, but your main attention and devotion should only be towards one god. Worshipping one god and chanting his mantra will be better and give sooner effects.recite maha mrityunjay mantra 16 rounds daily. Also chant karpur gauram mantra 1 rosary a day. Do this prayog for 40 days. If you start seeing improvement then increase the number of rounds to 21. If not, then get a maha mrityunjay mantra sadhana done by brahmans for your child. Maha mrityunjay mantra and Hanuman Bahuk are unfailing for getting rid of diseases

      || Jay Shree Ram ||

    3. Sir karpur Gouram mantra hum daily mantra jaap me add kar sakte hai?

    4. There is no need to add any other Kriya apart from what is mentioned in the above post.

  5. Sir thank u for your valuable advice . Jai Sri ram


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