Rama Rahasya Mantras for Auspiciousness

The Shri Rama Mantra given below are 2 very simple Mantras, which, I have taken from Ram Rahasya Upanishad. These Mantras are very effective and beneficial for attracting all kinds of good luck, and auspiciousness in life, including opening the fortune, attracting wealth, money and all round peace and happiness. – Ashok Mehta

One has to select and chant any one of the two Mantras from the Rama Rahasya for 11 Rosaries daily using a Tulsi Beads Counting Rosary at dusk.

Other than this there are no rules or prescriptions attached to the chanting of both these Shri Ram Mantras.

Mantra: ।। ॐ नमो भगवते रामभद्राय ।।
।।Om namo Bhagvate Rambhadraay ।।
।।ॐ रामभद्राय नमः ।।
।। Om Ramabhadraay Namaha ||

Note- Both these Mantras give the same results, vibrate to the same frequency and are essentially chanted for the same purpose, which has been mentioned above.


  1. Dear Ashok sir/Neel sir,

    Any specific direction to face while chanting like east or north facing?

  2. Any other bead will surfice the requirement

  3. Sir,my name is Mitesh,I'm suffering lot from tantrik effects done on me by enemies.Im not getting any success and jobless from last two years..please assist me find way towards success and peace...my I'd -maharajashivoham@yahoo.com

    1. Recite Hanuman chalisa 108 times daily for 40 days

  4. May I read this mantra on or after 10:00 PM at night as I am inept to continue this mantra at dusk?

    And how will I know that I have siddh this mantra?


  5. Do early in the morning before 9 AM

    1. When it will siddh r its already siddh mantra. I mean how will I know that mantra is showing his experiences? Please guide sir ji

    2. Mantra gets siddh after 1.25 lakh chants. However, it better to chant it normally without doing purashcharan

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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