Gudi Padwa good for Mantra Tantra

Gudi Padwa is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. This festival is celebrated as the New year’s day in Maharashtra and in Southern India, by the name of Ugadi. There are references to Gudi Padwa in the Puranas as being the day on which Brahma, the Creator, created the Universe. Hence, the significance of this day as far as auspiciousness is concerned, is as significant as that of any of the major Hindu festivals celebrated in India.

There are specific Pujas- Archanas performed on this day, which is also seen by many as the day on which the good triumphs over the evil.  This is also the day on which many auspicious ceremonies like inaugurations and the laying of foundation stones are performed.  In trade and business, it is believed to be extremely auspicious for commencing the sale of goods and services. The day is said to be most auspicious for purchasing any new thing, including a house, car and gold.

The spiritual Indian also earmarks the occasion of Gudi Padwa to commence a lot of Satvik Mantra Sadhanas and Tantra Prayogs. The selfless Sadhak, who seeks the Ever-Existent, takes a Sankalp [Pledge] to commence the Sadhana of his favored deity.

Those seeking an auspicious start to the New Year, hoping for materialistic benefits can commence the chanting of any popular Ganesh Mantra. Likewise, students can commence any Saraswati Mantra Sadhana and businesspersons a Laxmi Mantra Sadhana.

Those not wishing to start and Mantra Tantra Sadhana should spend this day happily and make their near and dear one happy and ensure that a blissful atmosphere prevails in their home or business premises.

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