Cable Lift of Earth in Future

For a possible geostationary (geostat) orbit cable lift, such a long strong cable would need a longer extended cable section reaching out well beyond geostationary height, with a big mass counterweight at its end, so that way out there, the daily turning would provide ample outward centrifugal force, (coming from Earth's daily turning), to support lower things cable lifted high up off Earth.

In addition to a proposed geostationary cable lift, some other possible new methods had also been considered to get wanted things or space explorer vessels up into space. Maybe somehow have out in not as high Earth orbit a high vertical swinging cable to serve for an effective lift, which becomes relatively motionless when swinging around down and touching Earth's surface? Or maybe speed along a long levitation track in a vacuum tube soon tilted up to become held up as high as possible by big balloons? But unfortunately, escape velocity from Earth needs quite fast 11.2km/s (18,186mph).

All past proposed alternatives instead of costly big rockets had expected to have all needed parts formed by us on Earth. A cable lift system would've then needed costly rocket lifts to get a starting cable reaching up and down from a 24hr orbiting new constructed geostationary height station.

The investors group, which had gotten two high orbiting settlements formed, had in cheap contrast greatly reduced future costs for things robotically assembled in space, by earlier only needing to have had a single rocket propel out into space their complex minimalized starting robotic collection, to prepare most everything on a metal-rich (M-type) asteroid (using free Solar energy).

Their chief early extra cost had been to first devise and test on Earth and improve such a minimalized robotic collection, and to program computers in or with the robots, to remotely expand and accomplish everything. By now, that was all cheaply working well at very low monitoring costs on one, then on more selected asteroids. Thus they could reprogram at some of their special robotic refining and construction asteroids, to soon robotically have many needed things prepared, then tossed out to be sent to Earth to start a cable lift.

Yes, that would cost more time, but at not much beyond needed reprograming, plus monitoring progress later. So instead of 5% of the past rocket costs for past vessels sent into orbits, now, to use a new cable lift system to send things up from Earth, costs would nicely drop to maybe merely 1% of rockets!

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