Most Fearful Destruction Mantra Tantra Yantra

Today I will explain how a most powerful Maran Tantra to destroy an enemy is practiced by Aghori Indian Sadhus. These fearsome and Tamas Guni Sages, those who try to harness the Tamas or Destructive Energies, normally practice these Mantra Prayogs in seclusion and secrecy, mostly in graveyards or isolated places, located on the banks of a river or in the mountains.

Such Tantric experiments are not for the common individual or a layperson, not well versed in Hindu Rituals. This Destructive Experiment for enemy annihilation, uses both a Mantra and a Yantra.

The Aghori Sadhu Masters the Maran Mantra by chanting it 10,000 times.

An Indian Black Magic Experiment to Destroy an Enemy
Most Fearful Destruction Mantra Tantra Yantra
Note  Read the last word of the Mantra in Hindi as स्वाहा 

Then if he wishes to put it into actual use to destroy an enemy, he does so on a Saturday. He writes the words written in the middle colored portion of the Mantra on a Bhojpatra, using the paste of either Red Colored Kumkum or Gorochana. Then he writes the name of the enemy by replacing the word in the brackets by the name of the enemy.

Thus, he has prepared a Destructive Yantra, which he binds by chanting the mantra once; this infuses the Yantra with the Destructive Frequencies of the Maran Mantra.

Then he wears the infused Yantra around his neck as a Destructive Talisman for a specific person. One has to note that success in wiping the enemy out from the face of the Earth depends upon the level of advancement of the Tantric in the Black Arts.

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  1. Why does someone want it. It shouldn't be published even.

  2. us shatru ka kya karenge ....rajesh ji jiske jeevan ka ek hi maksad ban gya ho aapko marna

  3. Wearing a Mayan yantra on our neck or victims neck. If you wear it, the amount of death energy getting attracted is very high and it is a do or die Mayan prayog. Will that be okay I keep it with idol of Mayana Kal or Burry it in cemetery on a newly dug grave?

    For me I need this info to know it very and not too put in actual use. Infact I don't have much enemies, no one so critical. But curious about this strange tantra. And when do the practitioner dispose this yantra?


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