Indian Healing and Health Yantras

This is a compilation of the various Yantra, Charms, Talismans, Amulets published on this site in past six years. A large section of the readers of this site is those wishing to regain their health or that of their near and dear ones. Hence, the purpose of this section is to make it easier for them to find the right Yantra they are seeking.

Healing by way of such Yantras has always been associated with the mystic and occult side of the Hindu Religion. Such paranormal healing practices were and are still practiced by large number of people in not only India, but also those following the Hindu Way of Life all over the world.

However, please keep in mind that I am only trying to give numerous options to those in need and cannot vouch for the success or failure of any of these Tantras or healing methods.

Readers can also browse the other sections on Health Mantras and Remedies and the sections on the various Hindu Deities for many other healing Tantras.

Yantra to cure Piles
Curative Charms for Hemorrhoids
Mantra - Yantra for Hernia
Yantra [Charm] to Heal Malaria
Charm for Epilepsy
Shabar Mantra Talisman for Epilepsy
Yantra Tantra to Heal Small Pox
Amulet for Smallpox and Skin Diseases
Yantra to cure Diabetes
Yantra for Migraine
Yantra for Headache
Yantra for eye defects
Simple Charm for Eye Pain
Yantra for Jaundice
Yantra for Chronic Gas in Stomach
Yantra Experiment to stop Diarrhea
Yantra to cure Displaced Navel
Yantra Talisman for Knee Pain
Yantra Talisman to remove Stomach Pain
Charm for Stomach Diseases
Yantra for Fever
Talismans to remove fever
Most Powerful Talisman to remove Fever
Talisman to remove Fever - 3
Indian Healing and Health Yantras
Yantra for child health
Brahmi Yantra Tantra for Cough of Child
Talisman for peaceful pregnancy
Powerful Talisman for safe Pregnancy
Yantra [Charm] for irregular Menstrual Periods
Yantra for Safe Delivery
Yantra [Charm] for increasing Breast Milk
Gorakhnath Yantra to conceive male child
Yantra Experiment for having Progeny
Yantra to cure impotence
Charm to increase libido in men
Charm to increase Libido 2
Charm to increase Virility and Potency in men
Yantra Tantra for Sexual Strength and Stamina - 2
Fertility Yantra - Mantra
Putra Prapti Yantra-Mantra
Yantra - Mantra for Bandhya Dosha
Yantra for Prosperity and Progeny
Yantra [Charm] to remove Snake venom
Talisman for removing illness from house
Healing Charm
Good Health Charm
Curative Charm for Insanity
Talisman for Depression and Mental Turmoil
Yantra [Charm] to become Tension Free
Most Powerful Astrology Healing Charm
Yantra to get more Milk from Cows
Durga Saptashati Mantra Talisman for House
Yantra for Trouble Free Old Age
Balarishta Yantra for Long Life of Child
Yantra to Remove Diseases in Women
Yantra to Destroy Sexual Desire
Mrityunjaya Yantra Healing Sadhana
Healing Mantra Talisman Remedy for Rickets Cure
Yantra for Enhancing Fertility in Women
Mind Healing Yantra to Remove Depression
Soothing Yantra to Control Anger
Yantra for Hallucination Removal
Stomach Bloating and Gas Relief Spell
15 Ka Yantra for Relief from Labor Pains
Healing Charm for Relief from Swollen Neck
Masaan Rog Nivaran Yantra
Mirgi Rog Nivaran Yantra
Yantra for Fever which comes Once a Day
Indian Healing Talisman to Remove Boils and Pimples
Yantra to Keep Small Pox Away from House
Talisman for Loose Motions and Teething in Children
Healing Yantra to Remove Mouth Ulcers
Yantra to Remove Excessive Desires
Yantra for Releif from Naru Rog
Yantra to Remove Liquor Addiction and Poverty
Yantra for Freedom for Jail and Good Health
Yantra for Getting Relief from Chronic Fever
Talisman for giving Birth to a Baby Boy
Talisman for Doctors to Gain Healing Powers
Indian Talisman to Cure Migraine
Akal Mrityu Nashak 15 Ka Yantra
Mantra to Protect Family and Yantra to Get Sound Sleep


  1. Sir, could you give yantra for leaving people spellbound through speech. Thanks in anticipation.

  2. Namaste guruji I read regularly and ever seen any mantra yantra Tantra about the people get harassed by persons given debts,day by day poor people can't repay them please, may I hope,u may pls......

  3. Guruji, is there a yantra/charm/mantra for seeing sweet dreams in sleep? I'm very much troubled by dreams that are undesirable, unpleasant, irrelevant. I want to see in my sleep only dreams that are pleasant, dreams that I truly desire to see. Plz help!

  4. Guruji, are there any mantras for women in menopause,hot flashes. Any mantras for acid reflux.
    Thank you.

  5. namaskar guruji,
    I am a panic disorder patient from last 6years, i cant do anything even cant walk for 10 minute then i get panic attack. i have see too many doctors even vilore, bangalore, and america (online) but nothing happen. I want my life back. please guruji help me.


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