Yantra for Safe Delivery

This is a Yantra for ensuring safe delivery in women. The Yantra comprises of a special Mantra, which has to be written on a Bhojpatra or a White Piece of Paper, using the paste of KumKum as the ink and a Pointed stick of the Pomegranate Plant as the writing instrument.

This Yantra has to be prepared on the Somwar of any Shukla Paksha [Monday of the bright fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month].

Once prepared, the Yantra should be kept in a Silver Box., this is said to ensure that abortion does not take place. Then occasionally it has to be kept for sometime on the area of the Belly Button of the pregnant woman.
Hindu Safe Delivery Yantra for expecting mothers
Yantra for Safe Delivery
This Yantra invokes the great Navnath Master Shri Gorakhnath. For more, such safe delivery Yantras, please see the section on Health Yantras.

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