Shiva Yantra to Influence Powerful People

This is a Raja Vashikaran Yantra, meaning a charm to influence, enchant and attract very powerful persons, those having business, political or dictatorial power and money or all of these. This Yantra is an invocation to Shiva to fulfill the wishes of the practitioner, hence there is a specific Tantra involved, in this post, I will explain this Tantra and how to prepare the Vashikaran Yantra.

The Yantra Preparation
The Yantra has to be written on a leaf of the Krishna Kamal Plant, also called as the Jhumkalata in Hindi and Passion Flower Plant in English.
The ink should be a paste of Kesar [Saffron], the milk of a White Colored Cow and the ChuiMui Flower [Touch Me Not Flower] taken is equal parts.
The writing instrument should be the pointed end of a feather of the Crane, known as the Saras Pakshi in Hindi.

A Yantra invoking Shiva for attracting powerful person in power and  authority
Shiva Yantra to Influence Powerful People
The Vashikaran Tantra
In a period of 12 months, 111 such Yantras have be prepared and offered to Shiva, in a Shivalaya or a Shiv Murti or Image at home.
Pradosh Vrat has to be observed, Pradosh Vrat is observed in the evenings, after sunset on the 13th Tithi of both the Shukla and Krishna Paksha as per the Hindu Panchang. This Fast is essentially for seeking the blessings of Shiva.

Then after completion of the year long Sadhana, the Yantra should be inserted in a Copper Locket and tied around the neck or the forearm.

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  1. Neel Ji,

    Out of 111 Yantras which Yantra is to be inserted in a copper locket? Will the leaf survive in the locket? Procuring the things like 111 particular leaves, feather of a crane and even for many the White Cow’s milk and ChiuMui Flower is not just difficult but impossible. Please provide the substitutes so that all can take advantage of your knowledge and prosper.


    Viveck Mathuur

    1. After completing 111 Yantras, another Yantras has to be prepared which has to be inserted inside the Copper Locket.
      It does not matter if the leaf survives or not, the residue will remain there.
      There are no substitutes for these items in the Tantra.

  2. Neel sir..need your guidance.a few days back i came across this copper yantra that has in it only this mantra si va ya va si with no other what so ever lines and the above mantra si va ya va si appears twice like a plus sign (+) and its only that.sir would you know about this yantra and about its use and benefits.please guide sir.


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