Dreams about Animals, Insects and Birds

Interpreters of Dreams and Dream physiology have always strived to give a shape and meaning to Dreams and arrived at varied conclusions based upon their findings. In this post, I have tried to give a detailed compilation on the meaning of dreams about animals, birds, reptiles, insects and rodents and what they symbolize.

I have attempted to simplify the interpretations by giving only the basic and generalized probabilities, to avoid the confusions created by attributing lengthy interpretations. I have included Dreams about certain actions by these creature and also certain actions of the dreamer towards these creatures.   Sometime more than one meaning has been attributed to the same dream, it could signify, a likelihood of more than one possibility for the same dream.

Lion - Getting money, auspicious for new work.
Being attacked by a Lion - Gaining fame and recognition.
Being eaten up by a Lion - Indicative of mixed results.
Camel - First portion of the life full of hardships and the later half-excellent.
Crow - Bad, indications of failures.
Donkey - Indication of excessive and wasteful expenditure and outflow of money.
Vulture - Indications of a Melancholy period in life.
Duck - Getting a high position, office or promotion.
White Colored Duck - Getting respect, gaining excellent health.
Cat - Bad, warning of danger.
Scorpion - Gain and profit.
Cock - Getting respect indicates excellent for success.
Ape - Destruction of enemies, disease and illness.
Goat or Sheep - A life of happiness and satisfaction.
Bat - Indication of troubles.
Parrot - Failure in personal work, trouble from friends and bad company.
Tiger - Trouble from superiors.
Sparrow - Trouble due to irrelevant and minor reasons.
Rabbit - Indication of not becoming rich and wealthy, chances of leading life as a middle-income person.
Snake - Gaining of Progeny, money and happiness.
Killing a Snake - Destruction of an enemy.
Snake entering the house - Loss, trouble from a woman, money troubles
Being bitten by a Snake - Wish being fulfilled.
Butterflies - Some sort of happiness entering the life.
Lice - Becoming rich and wealthy.
Mosquito - Disease and illness.
Germs - Secret enemies.
Golden Colored Bird - Opening up of fortune.
Flies - Sadness.
Deer - Become the parent of a girl, enthusiasm and success in tasks.
Tortoise - Gain in knowledge or becoming wealthy.
Pig - Success in love, happy personal life.
Crocodile - Chances of being cheated, coming in contact with frauds and backstabbing.
Mice or Rats - Disease, troubles and danger.
Being barked at by a Dog - Enemy will turn friend, success in work related matters.
Being seated on a Horse, Elephant, Camel or Bull - Marriage, money, fame and respect.
Elephant lifting its trunk upwards - Favors from authorities.
Milking a Cow - Happiness, success and a good financial position.
Ant or Ant Hill - If a man dreams about it then indication of success. If seen in a dream by a woman, then she will always remain in a good and prosperous family.
If bitten by Ants - Trouble and danger.
Honeybees - Expected Success will be gained, good news on its way.
Bed Bugs - Problems and failure
Killing a Bed Bug - Diseases will come slowly.
Fish - A little bit of travel, will live life happily.
Nightingale - Problems in marriage, angry person will turn amicable, auspicious occasion takes place.

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