Meaning of the Moles located on various Body parts

In my last post I had given the Meaning of Moles located on the Face, now in this post I am giving information about the meaning of the moles located on various parts of the body.

Moles on the neck indicate a calm and composed nature. The person is likely to gain windfalls. He is likely to be of a sickly nature. His children are likely to squander away his wealth; hence chances of Bankruptcy are high.

A mole on the wrist indicates a hardworking and pleasant disposition. If this person is a male then there are chances of two marriages.

Moles on the forearm indicate a courageous nature and someone who will overcome difficulties. If this person is a male then the chances of him becoming a widower around the age of 40 are high. If female then chances of her dying before her husband are higher.

A mole on the left shoulder indicates average success in business.

A mole on the right shoulder indicates a lot of wealth and traveling.

Mole on the right thigh indicates a successful life. Such a person will get a lot of money from his/her father in-law.

Mole on the left thigh indicates a life of hardship. A person having an untrustworthy nature. Such a person will come into trouble due to his/her friends.

Moles on any of the legs indicate a spendthrift and slow nature. Such a person will overcome difficulties.

Note – Please keep in mind that article has been written for information and educational purposes only.

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  1. How about a mole in under chin? Is that lucky or unlucky? And what does it stat?

  2. Dear Neil Sir,

    There is a mole exactly on the mount of Jupiter of my right palm. The mount is the most prominent one in my palm. Is there any UPAY to nullify or minimize the bad effect of the mole? Your help will be highly appreciated.

    With regards...

    1. If you are having any problems, then you can chant the root Mantra for Guru, 108 times using any kind of Mala on Thursdays.

    2. Dear Sir,
      Thank you very much for being so kind and for answering. A couple of weeks ago I had completed chanting of Guru Mantra (Om Graam Greem Groum Sah Gurave Namah) 19,000 times over a period of 40 days. Is that okay or should I perform any other totka for that? I am saying this because so far I have not noticed any positive change, rather the overall situation is worsening that I cannot explain here.

      With regards...

    3. That should be ok, there is no need for any other Totka for Guru. You should wait for some time for the Mantra to take effect.

    4. Thanks once again...and Pranam to you on the auspicious occasion of Hanuman Jayanti...

    5. Mr. Dutta, If you're having a mole on Jupiter finger of your right hand. It is your luck that you're having this!!
      Few people has this mole, this mole indicates Nobility, Wealthy and a scholar, which clearly mentioned in your mole that you're ruled by expansive Jupiter which makes you extremely knowledgeable!!

      And if this mole found in females means Mole in Jupiter finger of right hand in women then it indicate Evil minded, Ill reputation and bad manners.

      There's nothing wrong with your mole :)

      Blessed be

  3. i have an Ohm mole on my right thigh. Does it have any significance?


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