Proper diet for Piles, Constipation and Acidity

It has been rightly said that “Food is your best Medicne”.The main trigger for diseases or ailments is nor germs or bacteria but toxemia; caused by harmful food.

Thus it is of paramount importance to have the right kind of diet for your Health and Wellbeing.

In this post I am giving the proper diet for those suffering from Piles, Constipation and Acidity.

Beneficial – Green Vegetables, fresh fruits, Guavas, green gram, buttermilk, curds, fresh milk and clarified butter.
Harmful – Meat, fish, deep fried food, chilies, pickles, masalas and sweets like Jalebs.

Beneficial – Green Vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, buttermilk, clarified butter and chapattis or bread made from whole wheat flour.
Harmful – Liquor products, sweets, hydrogenated vegetable oil, food items made from gram flour, rice and bread.

Beneficial - Green Vegetables, fresh fruits, limes, oranges, green gram, coriander, milk, clarified butter, bitter melon, dates almonds and dried figs.
Harmful – Tur dal, rice, farsan, eggs, meat, cashew nuts, bread, food items made from maida, pulses, deep fried items, curds, peanuts, liquor, pickles, tea, coffee, cheese, sugar, fish and food items made from gram flour

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