Proper diet for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common forms of disability all over the world. The patient suffers from severe pain due to the inflation of the joints.

Along with the medication available for the treatment of Arthritis a balanced and Proper diet is most essential in giving relief to people suffering Arthritis. A wrong diet is known to aggravate the joint pain.

This is the diet most suitable for the general health and Wellbeing of these persons.

Beneficial – Green Vegetables, Clarified Butter, Jaggery, Butter Milk, Lime,Amla[Indian gooseberry] and fresh Fruits.

Harmful – Peanuts, Eggs, Meat, Tea, Honey, Sugar, Chocolate, Rice, fried food made from Gram Flour, Maida Products, Bread, Pickles, Toor or Pigeon Peas and Pulses.

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