Meaning of Moles located on the Face

Moles known in Hindi as Tils also called sometimes as beauty spots are said to have a deeper meaning which depends upon the location of the Mole on a specific body part. Moles are said to forecast the nature and also the future. Here I am giving the meaning of moles located on the face.

A mole in the center of the forehead signifies that one should take care of oneself as the influence of Mars is significant in the Horoscope. Such persons tend to be of a cruel nature.

A mole on the left eyebrow signifies that such a person is careless with money and the chances of bankruptcy are high.

A mole on the right eyebrow signifies that this person is a lover of the pleasures of life, but will make money through Spirituality and business.

Moles on both the eyebrows indicate an early and happy marriage, such persons should be careful while handling electrical appliances as there is danger through electricity and lightning.

A mole on the right cheek indicates a successful life.

A mole on the left cheek indicates success through efforts.

Moles on both the cheeks indicate a person without any vices. These people prefer to keep to themselves and a found of solitude. They will earn just enough money to meet the basic necessities of life.

Mole on the right earlobe indicates a fully satisfied and contented life.

Mole on the left earlobe is indicative of failures.

A mole on the nose indicates an impatient nature; such persons will be successful through partnerships. Marriage to a wealthy woman is indicated

Moles on the lips indicate a person of a frank and straightforward nature

A mole on the chin indicates an artistic nature and a pleasing personality. Such people prefer a busy life style and are found of traveling. Such a person will lead a contented life.

Note – Article has been written for information and educational purposes only.

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