Mantra to recite while bathing - 2

Reciting a relevant Mantra while bathing is considered to have significance in the Hindu religion. It is considered as a means to wash away the sins and impurities accumulated during the course of the day.

This is one more such Mantra to recite while bathing. This mantra signifies that just as the Demon Shankasur who stole the Vedas was killed by Vishnu and the Vedas returned to Earth so also would the impurities accumulated during the day signified by Shankasur disappear while bathing.

Om snan Kari nirgun dev budi maari sagari shankasur marun gela chaari ved uddhari namo gurudevaya namah adesh ll

ॐ स्नान करी निर्गुण देव बुडी मारी सागरी शंकासूर मारून गेला चारी वेद उद्धारी नमो गुरुदेवाय नम: आदेश ll

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