Muslim mantra to attract people in authority

This is a Muslim Attraction Mantra to control and bring people in authority like Government employees or powerful persons under your spell of attraction.

The Siddhi [mastery] procedure of this Attraction Mantra is as follows—

Take 41 cotton seeds and Abhimintrit [bind] each seed by holding the seed in your hand and reciting this mantra 41 times. Then throw all the seeds into the fire. It is said that doing this will make the person in authority come under your spell of attraction within 3 days.


Do this procedure for 21 days with 21 seeds; binding each seed by reciting the mantra 21 times.

Note – the word’ falane’ ‘फलाने’ should be replaced with the name of the person whom you wish to attract.

ॐ बिस्मिल्लाह दाना कुलहु अल्लाह यगाना दिल है सक्त तुम हो दाना, हमारे बीच फलाने को करो दीवाना ll

Om Bismillah dana kulhu allah yagana dil hai sakt tum ho dana, hamare bich falane ko karo diwana ll

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  1. Will it attract people whom we don't know, or that person (whom I have to attract), should be known to me?

    Means for example, I want to attract President of India towards me, which is PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. So will this mantra help me attracr him, or I should personally first know, him, and then this mantra will work?

  2. sir if i want to get favour from two authority who are in same institution but dont consider each words so for that shall i do the procedure two times by keeping them in my mind to make my work done ,will it work

  3. hi neel guru g
    i want to do the first one
    i have a lot of questions.
    1 i wich fire i have to trow it. can i make a fire with kapoor in diya pot and trow de seeds in the fire of kapoor.

    2 how i have to chant the mantra. i have to take the 41 seeds in my hand and repeat the mantra 41 times and trow all the seeds in one to the fire. or 1 chant 1 seed to the fire and that 41 times.

    3 can i do the mantra. to do bussines with my boss or with some of bank persons. that they accept me for a loan for my bussines

    1. Yes, you make a fire of kapoor in a diya pot and throw the seeds into that, take all the seeds in the hand and chant the Mantra 41 times and throw them into the fire.

      You can use the Mantra for the business with your boss or for any other purpose.

    2. thank you guru g. god blesss you.
      i gona try it.

  4. help me gruru g i begg you help help my


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