Future uses of robotic devices in outer space

Some robotic devices already exist able to do some wanted boring tedious labors. But we don't use them much since of course many people would resist and oppose that. Why? They don't want to loose useful jobs merely to robots! Our people need jobs and repeated work to receive earnings required to pay for daily living needs.

So Robotic devices haven't been developed and advanced too much yet. But even so, material technologies and computers have kept being advanced enough so that we can even produce robotic devices having artificial senses including vision and touch, and computer brains to accomplish tasks. They can be given more abilities to independently function unwatched while moving and manipulating things etc., doing whatever we program them for.

Electronic brains with advanced programming can keep being further improved, preparing robotic devices to accomplish much more. There are places and tasks risky or unsafe for us to extensively work on very long. Tasks in space is a good example of this. For people to accomplish things up in space, that requires also expensively transporting up there ample food, water, air etc., all kept at decent temperatures livable for people.

It will instead be simpler if people didn't have to live a while in space to accomplish some wanted space tasks there. In fact, by now in many cases people wouldn't really be needed any longer for so much of that. Robotic devices able to work even in airless cold space can instead be constructed by newer science and technology, and then sent up easier and much cheaper than people, to tirelessly do many increasingly complicated things longer than we usually do.

In bad contrast, keeping people doing such work up in space also costs sending up so much required just to keep them safely alive and comfortable long enough up in otherwise deadly space. In a few cases we have in fact already made a few robotic devices usefully able to accomplish some simple physical tasks in space. It should be expected that this will be improved over decades.

A good example would be if we wanted some space settlements constructed, ready after a while to let people live in them for years while doing things we down here want to have accomplished up in space. No need to rush that. A small minimalized robotic collection could be sent up, costing much less to rocket up due to small size while also not needing living supplies.

If to Luna, Mars, or Venus, or to one of the many thousands of Asteroids, such a minimalized starting robotic collection, cheaper and easier to rocket up, would be programmed to start refining surface materials, to first gradually expand its capabilities and capacity to build things. Let’s thus realistically sensibly expect that more such useful practical ever more capable robotics will continue being developed by us and also often improved.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com .If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, you may email Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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