The Universe is a living organism

The realized masters often describe NON DUALISM AS THE ONLY REAL STATE of existence. These masters then say that the rest is Maya or an illusion. Now I will go further and say again what I have said before” WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US WE ARE THE THING”. Does this not mean that we are the Universe? Yes, the Universe is a Living Organism, and we are that organism.

Non Duality stops at the realization that one is part of the whole and the part has to be merged with the whole. Just as you are part of the Universe, there is also a Universe inside you. The Universe inside you is amongst other living organisms made up of microscopic parasites and viruses, which you are not aware of. All objects material as well as the subtlest of stuble energies, which one visualizes and does not, are like the parasites and viruses a part of the Universe.

Living Universe 3D Image
Living Universe

The stars are nothing but infinite storehouses of energy just like the THE SEVEN CHAKRAS and other minor Chakras present in the human body. The primary function of these energy centers is to provide life energy to that part of the Universe, in the same manner as the Chakras do for the body. Thus, one can understand why all life forms and material objects in our Solar System like the earth would disintegrate if the Sun were to disappear.

THE THREE FORCES OF GOD about which I have written time and again and which are present in each and every object, are like an atom. These three forces, which the Hindus call Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, the Creator, the protector and the Destroyer, govern the entire Universe. This is nothing but the neutral, positive and negative charge of the atom. The three forces are always in an auto correct mode to correct the imbalance. If there is severe imbalance that object is destroyed and the energy release forms a new object, just as when a human dies the released energy takes rebirth. Or if it has reached the critical level, it disappears and merges with the whole.

The function of the black holes is to throw out waste matter, which has no purpose, just like how a human throws out waste matter every day. This then tells you that there are an infinite number of Universes, like the living organisms. These Universes are part of a larger Universe, that lager Universe is again a part of another larger Universe and the cycle goes on it is unending.

The realized person is one who has tuned into the various levels of intelligence present in the Universe. The earth intelligence, the intelligence of the Solar system and so on till he reaches the Universal intelligence.

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