Nostradamus - Image of Kalki Avatar

This is that Quatrain of Nostradamus which describes CHYREN whom I had interpreted to mean Kalki Avatar, the tenth and final Avatar of Vishnu who is stated to manifest in this period which according to HINDU COSMOLOGY is Kaliyuga.

This is an interesting image from the Lost Book of Nostradamus which according to me is an image of Kalki Avatar.

Nostradamus Image of Kalki Avatar in Prophecies
Nostradamus Image of Kalki Avatar

Au chef du monde le grand Chyren fera,
Plus ovltre apres aymé, craint, redouté,
Son bruit & los les cieux fur paffera,
Et du feul titre Victeur, fort contenté
The great Chyren will be Chief of the world,
Plus Ultra behind, loved, feared, dreaded,
His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens,
And he will he be more satisfied with the title of Victor.

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  4. Neel I dont think Vishnu will be Chyren Guy. Chyren is already born native of Punjab. She is the divine being born with all the powers --- When this was predicted the great grand parents lived in Multan. After British attack on Multan they moved to Sindh and after partition they moved to Mumbai. The Divine being is the creator. Whether the Divine being will kill any Kalia not known.
    Krishna killed Kalia snake who was in physical body and now in astral, very poisonous with green eyes. That Divine being can kill. If there will be another Kalia do not know and Vishnu will kill or not.
    As of now Divine being is near Sambhala in California and Koka possesed someone in California
    Kilia's son a spirit and named him Koka actually he is Roa originally from Andhra Hydrabad.
    That Koka is almost gone its a tough fight between seen Physical and unseen spirit of Koka, Kilia's son. Watch the song made by Badshah Koka Koka.
    He is the possesed one Roa. With Duryodhans help Badshah made the song. Kilia is dangerous person from long ago.


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