Time or KAL as time is called in Hindi is the all-encompassing reality, which we call God. None can escape the clutches of time and everything that exists is but a servant of time. None knows the nature of time and none will ever know, for time is the unknown and the unknown will always remain the unknown.

Time contains in it the DASHA AVATARS or the ten reincarnations of VISHNU, and also THE THREE FORCES OF GOD, which are the CREATIVE, PROTECTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE, or BRAHMA, VISHNU and MAHESH. There is a continuous interaction of balance between these three forces and the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction is a continuous process, which has been going on for an infinite period and will go on and on.

As per Hindu cosmology and Arayabhata 476-550 CE, The great astronomer and mathematician time is divided thus-
Four Yugas or eras –
Hindu Cosmology and Wheel of Time
Hindu Wheel of Time

SATYA YUGA or krta-yuga is- the golden age, which lasts 1,728,000 and the average life span at the beginning of the Yuga, is 100,000 years. In this Yuga, the goodness of the creative power prevails and satyr, which means truth, is everywhere.

TRETA YUGA or the silver age lasts 1,296,000 years and the average life span is 10,000 years and there is a decrease by ¼ The in the qualities of truth as there is a beginning of Religion as living beings start to discriminate.

DVAPARA YUGA - or the Bronze Age, lasts 864,000 years and the life span is 1000 years. In this Yuga, there is a decrease in the qualities of truth by 50% as religion and the process of division within society begins to take hold. In this Yuga, there is equal balance between the creative and destructive forces.

KALI YUGA -or the iron age lasts 432,000 and the life span is greatly reduced to 100 years, in this yuga the qualities of truth are decreased by 75% and the balance tilts in favor of the destructive forces of nature.

These four yugas add to total of 4320000 years and together make a Maha Yuga.One thousand such Maha yugas add to a day in the life of Brahma, this day is called Kalpa and totals to a period of 8.64 billion years or 720 Kalpas of day and night taken together.

Every Kalpa Brahma creates 14 Manus one after the other, who are entrusted with the task to regulate this world. Thus, there are fourteen generations of Manu in each Kalpa. Each Manu’s life or Manvantara consists of 71 Chaturyugas quartets of Yugas or eras Each Chaturyuga is composed of four eras or Yugas: Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali.

Life Span of Brahma Image 3D
Life Span of Brahma
When Manu perishes at the end of his life, Brahma creates the next Manu and the cycle continues until all fourteen Manus and the Universe perish by the end of Brahma's day. When night falls, Brahma goes to sleep for a period of 4.32 billion years, which is a period of time equal one day of Brahma and the lives of fourteen Manus. The next morning, Brahma creates fourteen more Manus in sequence just as he has done on the previous day. The cycle goes on for 100 Brahma years at the end of which Brahma perishes and is regenerated. Brahma’s entire life equals 311 trillion, 40 billion years. Once Brahma dies, there is an equal period of unmanifestation for 311 trillion, 40 billion years, until the next Brahma is created.

The present period is the Kali Yuga or the destructive era in one of the 71 Chaturyugis (set of four Yugas/eras) in the life one of the fourteen Manus. The current Manu is the seventh Manu and his name is Vaivasvat.

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