Sukh Shanti Remedies from Lal Kitab

Like most of the Totkas from the Lal Kitab, these remedies for Sukh Shanti in the home are extremely simple for anyone to practice. Any one or more of these remedies can be practiced by those experiencing domestic disharmony or lack of material resources in their homes.  The same Lal Kitab Totkas are also useful in attracting Laxmi [abundance, money and wealth] in to house.

1] Fill Gangajal [holy water of the river Ganga] in a silver utensil [even a small silver utensil will be sufficient] and put a small piece of silver in the Ganga Jal and cover it with a silver lid and keep it inside the house.

2] Give food/snacks to Blind Persons or needy people such as Beggars.

3] Collect rainwater in a utensil and then pour the collected rainwater in a glass bottle, close  and keep the glass bottle on the terrace or if there is no terrace, then on the roof of the house. This remedy is only for those people who live in an independent house or a row house with a terrace.

4] Take two fistful of Barley Grains and wash them in Milk. Then immerse the washed Barley Grains in some flowing water body, like a river.

This post is part of the Sukh Shanti remedies from the Lal Kitab published on this site. The ones given by me above are the simplest of the lot. Sukh Shanti and Laxmi Prapti are inseparable and go hand in hand and in this age of the Kali Yuga, it is extremely difficult, though not impossible to be satisfied and contented without money and material resources.

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