Remedies for Unlucky Venus in all 12 Houses

Shukra or Venus as it is called in the English language is the planet often symbolizing love and affection on the higher side and strong emotions like hate, jealousy and animosity on the lower side. There are numerous other qualities attributed to Venus and as per astrological sciences, a lowly placed Venus can make life difficult for the native. In this post, are given remedies from the Lal Kitab, to off-set an inauspicious, harmful or unlucky Shukra positioned in any of 12 astrological houses of an horoscope.

First House- Donate Barley or Sesame Seeds.
Second House- Avoid doing trade or business in gold related business or doing employment as a jeweler or goldsmith.
Third House- Stay away from extra-marital relations, avoid love affairs with other women.
Fourth House- Keep a bottle filled with honey on the loft or if there is no loft then on an elevated place in the house.
Fifth House- Worship and do Upasana of the Goddess Laxmi Mata.
Sixth House- Keep a thick [not hollow] silver item or a ball in the house and on the body.
Seventh House- Donate a copper utensil to a Mandir or any other religious or holy place.
Eighth House- Donate eight kilograms or eight hundred kilograms of Suran [elephant foot yam] to a Mandir or any other holy place.
Ninth House- Avoid consuming white colored curds,  mix Kesar [Saffron] or Haldi [Turmeric] to it, to change its color and then eat it.
Tenth House-Donate Badam [almonds] to a Mandir or a religious place.
Eleventh House- Consume a little bit of Fish Oil every day, for example Cod Liver Oil.
Twelfth House- Help or serve a white colored cow, if it is possible, keep a white colored cow as a pet.

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  1. Sir,meri kundli me shukra graha mere lagna ka swami hai lekin vo asta(combust) ho rakha hai. Please koi remedy bataiye.


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