Hanuman Bahuk Remedy to Remove Buri Nazar

The Hanuman Bahuk is a Stotra composed by the great Ram Bhakt Tulsidas. This Storta though not as popular as the other Hanuman compositions like the Bagrang Baan or the Hanuman Chalisa is considered an extremely potent and powerful healing Stotra. This regular reading of this Stotra is believed to give miraculous results in curing diseases. The Remedy given in this post is a Totka practiced to remove Buri Nazar [The Evil- Eye] from children.

The Totka is simple, straightforward and easy to perform. The full experiment has to be performed on any Tuesday.  The practitioner has to make the child suspected of being affected by Buri Nazar in front of him and chant the Hanuman Bahuk five times in a row. At the end of each round of chanting the Hanuman Bakuk, the practitioner has to blow his or her breath over the body of the child.

Then he has to offer a Copper Kada [a rounded copper bracelet or armband worn as a talisman] to a photograph of Hanuman and worship the photo with offerings of Dhoop/Deep/Pure Ghee Diya and some Red Colored Flowers.

After this, the Copper Kada should to put on the right wrist of the child as a protective and Buri Nazar Repelling Talisman. This exorcism ritual can also be practiced on adults affected by Buri Nazar and is equally effective in removing and destroying evil ad harmful energies.

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