Remedies for Unlucky Moon in all 12 Houses

The Moon [Chandra] signifies the mother and other feminine qualities in astrology. The functioning of the mind and the various moods and emotions experienced by it, have a lot to do with the Moon, if one goes by traditional astrological sciences. The remedies given in this post are selected Totke, based upon those given in the Lal Kitab to negate and rectify the ill effects of the Moon, being in an adverse,  unlucky or malefic position in any of the 12 astrological houses of a horoscope.

First House- Water a Bargad Ka Ped [Banyan tree] everyday.
Second House- Apply a Kesar [Saffron] Tilak on the forehead every day. Pierce the nose, like how it is done for wearing nose-rings or studs.
Third House- Always worship and do Upasana of the Mother Goddess Durga Mata.
Fourth House- Avoid doing any kind of trade, business or employment in the milk industry. Avoid burning milk or preparing Milk Khoya [whole dried milk].
Fifth House- Keep a good conduct, behave in a truthful and righteous manner, never cheat or defraud others.
Sixth House- Donate Khadi Shakkar [Indian Rock Candy], sugar, honey or wheat to any Mandir or any other holy and religious place.
Seventh House- Never burn milk and make Khoya from it. Avoid offering milk to any deity. Avoid being in the business of selling milk to others.
Eighth House- If a well is present in your house, never cover it with any kind of roof or covering, keep it open.
Ninth House- Serve and respect elders and take their blessings.
Tenth House- Never drink milk at night. Avoid keeping any kind of milk giving cattle in your house.
Eleventh House- Offer milk to the idol of Kaal Bhairav in a Bhairav Mandir. Walk barefoot if going to temples.
Twelfth House- Wear a gold ear ring or any other gold earpiece.

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