Nine Letter Mantra of Bhairav

This is the nine letter mantra of Bhairav. The mantra is used for a specific Bhairav Sadhana to free the atmosphere of your home from all bad, impure and unhealthy vibrations. The Prayog also ensures that the house is never short of food and food grains and other essential requirements needed to live a contented life.

The Sadhana is not a complicated one and can be easily performed. The mantra has to be chanted 14,000 times in a specific period. This is left for the Sadhak; he can perform it as per his wishes and spiritual development.

When 14,000 chants are completed, the Sadhak has to offer Dashansh Havan; it works to 1400 offerings of Milk to the Havan, while chanting the Mantra.

Other than this there is no other requirement for the Sadhana. I would advise you not to perform such Sadhanas and Prayog half heartedly or just for the sake of it, because such Sadhanas are most powerful and the Sadhak has to be sufficiently spiritually developed to understand what he is doing.

A Bhairav Mantra to remove problems
Nine letter mantra of Bhairav

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  1. dear guru gee i dont understand you written 1400 offering of milk to havan explane clearly and what is dashansh havan and how to perform tell me in detail guru . sir i had another question. sir in my home my bigger dady have spritual guru come inside him in body that guru is with us from since 40 years and and he has gone frrom dady now my wish is that the guru play in me so how can i make that guru favor to my wish and he is great devotee of lord hanuman. and im from pakistan karachi and my name is harshnath . im very far from you so please answer to my question sir this request to you .

    1. Dashansh Havan means you have to make offerings to a Havan, which is 1/10th of the number of times you chant the mantra.
      For a Havan you have to light a fire and make the offerings to the fire.
      As you are in Pakistan please ask a Preist there how to get the materials for the Havan.

  2. Please guide, Sir
    1].which time is ideal for this prayog in your opinion(Before Sunrise , morning, evening , night time after 10 pm) , please suggest one.
    2]. If chanting is done mote than 14000 , then is it necessary to increase havan offerings.
    3].in my house , if i chant mantras in puja room and do havan in another room ( for space reasons) , is it fine . or both paces need to be exactly same .
    4] If japa completed in 14 days , is it ok.

    1. The Prayoga can be done at any time, the evening-night time could be more ideal.
      There is no need to increase the offerings to the Havan, if the Mantra Chants exceed 14,000.
      The places need not be the same.
      The Japa can be completed in 14 days by chanting 1000 Mantras per day.

  3. Sir , I forgot to ask which tree woods should be used for havan ?

  4. Dear sir , guide me on following points :
    While doing this sadhana , do i need to keep some symbol of lord bhairava in front , like yantra , supari or anything else etc ?
    [ I generally use copper Shri yantra Solid 3D to perform all sadhanas ]

    Is facing east ok ? or is there a prescribed direction ?

    For Hawan offerings , which tree wood is to be used ? Mango ?

    Thanks for your guidance .

    1. Even though it is not essential, you can keep symbols and Yantras of Bhairava if you wish, face east and you can used Mango Wood if you wish.

  5. Dear Sir
    I have commenced the sadhana .
    Now for final Havan part ,
    The mantra is Om Namo Bhairavaya Swaha ,
    So while giving aahuti generally Om swaha is added to mantras which do not end in swaha ,
    For this particular mantra , what should be the aahuti mantra, please guide
    Will it be
    Om Namo bhairavaya swaha
    Om namo Bhairavaya swhaha - Om Swaha
    Also while doing havan the mantra has to be recited in mind or can be chanted in words that can be heard ?


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