Learn Ways of Growing Up

With other children in early school years, experiencing living among others, we kept gaining in our new minds a progression of outlooks related to what might be better for living as humans. This included experiencing daily living at home, experiencing many human ways of satisfying daily living varieties, acquiring our parents' preferences patterns, compatibly playing with others living nearby, then in school gaining the beginnings of knowledge, etc.

This of course establish growing accumulations of outlooks about what should become better features wanted for future good proper living. Gradually new aspects of possible good living got combined with past experiences in our minds. Then as we kept growing up, we kept gaining what seemed sensible proper outlooks helpful for living, to hopefully gain proper better futures. (E.g., while growing up on farm lands, if seeing a big passenger aircraft pass high above some week, that seemed a remarkable advanced technology sighting to watch. But later in life that would become quite ordinary, to then ignore.)

After maturing, finishing education, likely finding a good mate to marry, and acquiring years of paid employment, gradually some would reevaluate what should be better ways to achieve good living, vs. things which should be dropped out of their earlier accumulated outlooks. Gradually some things earlier gained in our minds, previously regarded as proper and suitably wanted or needed, would become judged by us then as not really needed much, if at all, for a wanted useful good life. Some of these might then get discarded, gradually simplifying our mental outlooks. This would let us live more comfortably to gain simpler contented lives. A number of early childhood-learned living ways would thus end up increasingly revised or simplified. (One doesn't have to forever live trusting and believing early acquired outlooks.)

Some of what we may have accepted early as suitable to want for good living thus may get simplified in more than a few of us. As a result, as we grow older, it can grow easier to become contented with what become simpler lives than all which many of us had previously come to think should be wanted, good, or proper. This may mean discarding earlier wants, including for some social joinings, also some previously wanted food varieties, and some or many maybe habitual vacation possibilities and occasional long trips to again visit past friends and family members, and also maybe abandoning several past enjoyed entertainments in different forms. Instead of time consuming maybe even lengthy visits, now we can phone others as frequently as we want, to discuss anything of possible interest. Also we can mail letters or use email. So why must one keep living as complicated as in one's earlier years?

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