175 billion people in 1 Fullball World - 2

2011 11/09 I gave (as my FBW 32, revised some from in FBW.Z) how multilevel homes cylinders (having 14 2m levels, with the 8m radius central effective 4*2m "levels" actually being one open volume, being good as an open shared play park central volume in each such homes cylinder), might be well formed most convenient for many to live closer than in Earth city-blocks houses, while having shared inner yards & shared fruits bushes & trees inside between the ends of a homes cylinder. Since a Fullball world is largely an air filled balloon world, all weights within even a much enlarged one will stay virtually zero throughout, (great for most easy air swimming to reach nearby friends).

But having some light weights within such homes becomes most convenient for most comfortable easy living, also for playing in parks cylinders, also good in cylinder farms and manufacturing & marketing cylinders given (not fast) rotations good for useful nice effective felt light centrifugal force weights.

For homes cylinders which I'd earlier proposed to have 14 2m cylinder levels including for a central open 4 "level" play park and party area (of open radius 8m), then for the 5 pairs of other true 2m levels for 2 level homes, I'd wrongly computed centrifugal forces from such a cylinder's rotation, (with each cylinder axis anchored to the cable network throughout the Fullball world).

If the levels are 2m high, (6.56 feet, good for rarely too tall folks, with many more being females surviving escaped from too many murdering conservative haters of genetics designers developing the few secret recent genetically modified "moderns" back down on Earth, due to such moderns being increasingly genetically altered advanced longer living and ever healthier beyond all our genetically simple natural human huge majority), then up in high orbiting or far away Fullball world settlements, usefully convenient light centrifugal force weights can be produced for the homes levels by giving such cylinders suitable not too fast spins.

But recently having compared my computed centrifical force spin inward accelerations vs. standard gravitational inward forces well computed for planets orbiting Sol, etc., and also compared vs. massive Sol's reduced gravity out at the orbit radii of these planets, (and similarly for Luna orbiting our Earth), I've now had to correct my past preliminary centrifugal force acceleration formula for centrifugal acc., to properly now be: acc. = orbit speed^2 / orbit radius (^2 means squared). Each planet got its Solar orbit such that its orbit circumference / orbit time, = 2 * Pi * orbit radius / orbit time, is easy to compute, agreeing well with past published planetary orbit details.

This is a guest post. Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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