Hanuman Sadhana to recover loans

This is a most powerful Hanuman Sadhana which is practiced to get back irrecoverable loans, given to someone who has disappeared or gone to a foreign land. This remedy is also said to bring back someone from another country; someone whose chances of coming back are remote. This remedy involves the reading of the Hanuman Chalisa and has to be practiced for 43 days at a stretch.

Every day after having a bath the Sadhak has to write down the name of the person who owes him money or the one who he wants to bring back from another country on a piece of white paper. Then he has to prepare a Diya made from Wheat Dough; put a Cotton Wick and Oil in it and then light it.

Then he has to spread some salt over the floor and keep the piece of paper with name written on it. Then has to keep the lit Diya on the piece of paper and remember the person who has gone to the foreign land or the one who owes him money.

Then he has to read the Hanuman Chalisa 11 times; with faith. You can read it over here in this POST.

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  1. shall we have to make new diya every day

  2. You can make A new Diya everyday or make the Diyas at one time and store them; however a new Diya has to be used everyday

  3. dear sir,
    plz post about procedure of hanuman pratakhsya darshan sadhana,plz sir...

  4. Sir
    We can write more than one name at a time

  5. Namaste Guruji, can this sadhana be done in hanuman temple or near the peepal tree in temple premises. Should I maintain brahmacharya and complete absenteeism from non veg food.

  6. How to attain sidhi of hanuman chalisa

  7. Guruji,
    What needs to be done with the salt and diya daily after completion of the upay (on daily basis). Do we need to collect the salt of 43 days and 43 diyas and the do visarjan at the end of 43 days.
    Please advise me.
    Thanks you.
    Neeraj Patel.

  8. guriji,
    it is not possible for women to continue it for 43 days?then what should I do?should we maintain brahmacharyam? pls suggest how It can be done by women

  9. Namaste I read your blog in which by Hanuman sadhana for 43 days we can get back given money ... In that we have to use everyday a new wheat dough diya have to take , but wht we have to do aft the Pooja and rock salt which we R going to keep in floor and paper in which the name written
    Please answer to these... Eagerly waiting for your reply

    1. The Puja items should be immersed in water after the completion of the 43 days Mantra Sadhana.

  10. Namaste sir, sorry to bother u again ... A last query s humble request please answer to this ... Do we have to write name in new paper or we have to maintain only one paper for 43 days and same for salt ... Do we have to use every day new salt

    1. A new paper and salt should be used for all the 43 days of the Mantra Sadhana.

  11. A look at query the salt us sea salt or sindha namak... And to light the diya which oil. Please please answer to me last time.

    1. The common Sendha Namak found in Kirana Shops and groundnut oil can be used for this remedy.

    2. My question is same as above..it is not possible for women to do vrat for continue 43 days then what can be done

    3. Woman should take a break during the monthly cycle and continue from where they left-off, after the completion of the monthly cycle.

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  13. sat sat Pranam guru ji...main nepal ka rehne wala hu aur abhi hal malaysia me hu 3mahine ho chuke hai mera mehnga mobile jisme merw family ki aur meri sari tasbir thi wo kisi ne main nahane gaya usi waqt room se chori karliya...kya main apna mobile wapas pa sakta hu ?kya ishka koi upay hai guru ji?


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